The Geography of Chinese Cuisine!

The Geography of Chinese Cuisine - a trip around China! If you have been to China, then you'll know that the Chinese cuisine does not just have one flavor. In fact, food in the south tends to be sweet, salty in the north, sour in the east and spicy in the west. Let's dive in [...]

Tea Customs in China: 3 Fun facts

Tea Customs in China: 3 Fun facts If you've been to China, then I'm sure you would have noticed that Chinese people drink a lot of tea. It is a way of life. Like the Western saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away" in China they say, "one day without tea will bring [...]

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A lesson on cross cultural communication- an interview with Dr. Jeanne Boden

We've written a lot of articles about doing business in or with China, and we thought that a better way we could gain further insight and understanding was to interview an expert. We spoke to Dr. Jeanne Boden a Belgian Sinologist who has over 30 years’ experience advising multinationals active in and within China. #Introduction [...]

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Online Student’s Experience on Our Brand New Web App!

Student's Experience with Hutong Online Classes on Our Web App For today's blog we spoke to Babi from Brazil, our online student about her experience using our brand new web app. #Introduction Babi was a student before at Hutong School and has continued learning Chinese with us online through our web app. Our web app [...]

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3 Fun Facts about Chinese Kung Fu

A short lesson about Chinese Kung Fu #Kung Fu and its history Chinese Kung Fu (martial arts or in Chinese 功夫- gōngfu) is a series of fighting styles which has developed over a long historical period in China. The earliest origins of Chinese martial arts have been traced back to prehistoric hunting techniques and military [...]

China’s Culinary Culture: Chinese notorious street food!

Your Pocket Guide to Street Food in China If you have been to China, then I'm sure you have wandered around the markets and tried some street food. The food in such markets varies markedly from different regions within China. For instance, if you are in Beijing, then I'm sure you have been to, or [...]

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The Four Great Classic Chinese Novels

Classic literature that you must read and discover If you take a look at any Chinese bookshelf in your local library then you're likely to see a copy of at least one of the Four Great Classical Novels otherwise known as in Chinese 四大名著 (sìdàmíngzhù). These four books are considered to be the best of [...]

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Top Tips to Giving a Gift in China

Your Pocket Guide to Gift Giving If you have been to China and have presented a gift to your Chinese hosts or work colleagues, then I'm sure you are aware of the ritual of gift giving in the country. Gifts, no matter how large or small, are expected to be reciprocated as the giving and [...]

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An insight into learning Chinese – an interview with Keren Liu from Unconventional Chinese

Continuing with our interviews with different experts, this week we spoke to Ms. Keren Liu an educational entrepreneur who teaches Chinese via her online platform called Unconventional Chinese. #Introduction Ms. Keren Liu is a Chinese teacher and has been teaching foreigners Chinese for over 10 years. She has clients from the U.S., the UK and [...]

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The Five Do’s and Do not’s When attending a Formal Dinner in China

Your Pocket Guide to Impress your Chinese Host  If you have been to China and have attended a formal dinner then I'm sure you are very aware of the importance of demonstrating good etiquette. Most business and networking in China are conducted over the dinner table, and a good 'display' at dinner will definitely go [...]

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