Our Programs

Learn Chinese in China Program
Learn Chinese in China

Come and live in Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou to learn Mandarin and discover China in a completely immersive way.

Online Chinese Classes Program
Online Chinese Classes

Learn Chinese from the comfort of your home with our range of live online classes. Connect with experienced native-speaking teachers anywhere, anytime.

China Educational Tours Program
China Educational Tours

Explore China from a unique perspective while enhancing your studies by joining our Educational Tours.

Volunteer in China Program
Volunteer in China

Join an NGO in China to support one of our causes; education, health, environment and animal welfare.

Chinese Teacher Summer Program Program
Chinese Teacher Summer Program

Brush up your speaking skills and get inspired for new and exciting ways to teach your students.

Gap Year Program
Gap Year

Give yourself a lifechanging experience with a Gap Year in China.

Internship in China Program
Internship in China

Gain professional experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Chengdu. Pick your ideal internship in China from over 300 positions in all industries.

Youth Summer Camp Program
Youth Summer Camp

Spend a summer in China with our summer camp. Meet friends from all over the world while you learn Chinese and immerse yourself in the Chinese culture.