Chinese food is very varied and during the Spring Festival you can taste various traditional dishes. Knowing more about these dishes will enrich your experience at this time of the year, and at the same time allow you to learn more about the Chinese culture. When you go to a Chinese restaurant or to a friend’s house to celebrate New Year, you can ask them: What is the specialty of New Year? Chūnjié yǒu shénme tèsè cài? (春节有什么特色菜?) Your Chinese friends may ask you, what do you want to eat? : Chī shénme cài? (吃什么菜?).

This is but a short list of traditional foods of Chinese New Year:

  • Fish (yú, 鱼), which can be prepared in different varieties traditional foods of Chinese New Year: Tangyuanaccording to each province
  • Dumplings (jiǎozi, 饺子)
  • Chinese New Year Cake (Nián gāo, 年糕)
  • Sweet Dumplings (tāngyuán, 汤圆), which symbolize unity and happiness.
  • Melon seeds (guāzǐ, 瓜子)
  • Traditional Chinese sweets (tángguǒ, 糖果)






Surprise your family and friends by cooking one of the traditional foods of Chinese New Year! Here is a short guide on how to prepare and cook the most yummy dumplings:


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