Summer internships in China

Are you looking for something to do this summer? Do you want to explore the world while learning the world’s most spoken language? Hutong School has the answer for you!

Learn Chinese in China

Come to China and immerse yourself in Chinese language and culture through our intensive Chinese program. Whether you’re just beginning to start learning Chinese or want to improve your Mandarin, Hutong School is the place for you! Our Mandarin Chinese language course gives you the opportunity to make friends from around the world, explore life in China and learn Chinese in Shanghai, Beijing, or Chengdu. At the end of your stay in China, you can take the HSK test (with preparation from our special HSK course) to show your proficiency in Chinese!

Gain Professional Experience through a Summer Internship in China

What about summer internships in China? Want to boost your CV with an exciting internship and gain valuable working experience? Join our Internship Program and kick-start your future. Intern in China in a wide range of fields including architecture, finance, tourism, IT and much more. It’s easy to find an internship with Hutong School. Our program guarantees internship placement in China along with Chinese classes so that you can immerse yourself in the language while gaining professional experience.

Explore China with our Summer Camp

Summer Camp in ChinaLooking for a summer camp? Take part in Hutong’s summer camp in Beijing, starting in August. Attending summer camp is a great way to learn Chinese and make friends from around the world! Camp activities include visiting the Great Wall, partaking in Chinese cultural activities and experiencing authentic Chinese food. Get the most out of your time in China and join Hutong Summer Camp.

If you’re busy this summer but still would like to participate in our programs, have no fear! Besides the summer camp, we have year-round programs with starting dates in each month. Benefits of joining any of our programs include practicing Chinese with native speakers, exploring China’s natural beauty, and experiencing fun cultural activities such as Kungfu lessons, climbing the Great Wall, or learning how to make dumplings.

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If you’re ready to make this your best summer yet, join us and discover a yourself in a new world!