Beat The Heat In Shanghai

Summer in Shanghai is hot and humid. With occasional painful and constant heat, here are some of the best places to escape steam and cool down.

Visit A Water Town

summer in shanghai

If you’re looking to escape the traffic and heat of the city and not necessarily the crowds, then a water town might be a good option. Located on the outskirts of Shanghai, the water towns vary in size and popularity

The most popular water town is Zhujiajiao (朱家角) however, Tongli (同里)  shouldn’t be overlooked.

Both have houses of similar styles situated along the rivers, with round bridges and lanes twisting through the town. Find local delicacies such as crab and take a boat ride through the town. Discover small bookstores, wander through tea stores and rest in the gardens.

Huangpu River Cruise

summer in shanghai

Board one of the river cruisers on the Huangpu river. Cruise down the main river in Shanghai and enjoy the sights the city has to offer. Tickets range from 100 – 190 RMB depending if you would like to eat during the cruise or not. Enjoy sights during the day or after sunset such as the Bund, the financial district and if you like, the Shanghai Expo.

Shanghai Science & Tech Museum + Fake market

summer in shanghai

For just 60RMB you can enjoy the exhibitions of the Science and Technology museum located in Pudong. Cool down while learning about robots, the nature of China, and much more. Once you’ve been through the museum, head back to the subway located underneath and get lost in the immense fake market.

Theme Parks

summer in shanghai
summer in shanghai

Want to soak up the sun and enjoy a thrill? Good news, Shanghai has a number of parks you can visit! You’re warned though, these can get pretty busy.

First up, the newest addition to the theme park family, Disneyland Shanghai! The park is brand new and that shows in its current state. While there are only a handful of rides, its the perfect place for those who want some Disney happiness in their lives.

If rollercoasters is more your thing then maybe Happy Valley is more for you. Located outside of Shanghai and with a few more rides than Disneyland, Happy Valley is for those who are seeking a thrill. Lines can be long and rides can be broken down, but hey, it’s still China.

When you get too hot at Happy Valley, visit its neighbor, waterparks Playa Maya and Dino beach. Relax on the lazy river or fly down one of the many slides. Missing the beach? Enjoy a fake on here! Top tip: the park is upon until late so go later in the day to enjoy it without the crowds.

West Bund

summer in shanghai

If you’re looking to stay in the city and enjoy summer in Shanghai but want to enjoy a “chill vibe”, then the West Bund is the answer. Walk, skateboard, or bike along the water and enjoy the unique architecture of the museums and old factories along the way. Step into one of the museums, such as the Long Museum, for some refreshments and enjoy their art exhibition.

Chongming Island

summer in shanghai

The island, located north of Shanghai on the Yangtze river, is perfect for those looking to escape to nature. Visit the wetlands or the forest park and fill your lungs with cleaner air. Visit temples, go bird spotting or find more adventures activities such as crabbing, paintball, rock climbing and much more!

So, when the heat of summer in Shanghai gets to be too much, there are plenty of options that don’t include shelling out 200RMB for a hotel swimming pool! Come join us in China this summer to experience these yourself and discover a new world!