Not Your Average Summer Camp

Picture this: your bags are at the door, you turn around and wave goodbye to your family as you head off to summer camp, except this time you aren’t heading to a cabin in the woods – you’re headed to China.

Summer camp Beijing

This is not your average summer camp. Campfires will be replaced with Korean barbecues, crafts with calligraphy classes and those oh-so-wonderful camp songs with karaoke KTV nights.

We define summer camp as an opportunity to take a step into the world by yourself and discover a new world. Our goal is for you to create memories, make friends and gain skills that will stick with you forever. Join us as we take on the challenge of learning the Chinese language and becoming chameleons in the Chinese society. By the end of this trip you will blend in, walk and talk as the locals do.

Why choose a summer camp in China when the cabin in the woods sounds less daunting? (Although, does it really?)

China. Completely foreign, most likely quite literally on the opposite side of the world and strange. It takes spending a few weeks in China to realize that it can be just as comfortable (if not more) as your home country. Your favorite dish will be replaced with a local delicacy, the habits that were so strange to you will become completely normal and, most importantly, you will be able to tell everyone you know how wrong they are about China.

Beware, you might fall in love with China and want to return every summer. That means we did our job right, we would love to see you again!

Summer camp in china

A crash course study abroad program

You will be taking Chinese classes every morning and stepping into the city in the afternoon and at night to fully immerse yourself in the Chinese world. We will take you on adventures every day. From hiking the Great Wall to exploring Beijing by night. Learn to make dumplings and become a professional at bargaining.

Come live in one of the busiest, most rapidly growing cities in the world for a few weeks.

Now picture this: you come home with the ability to speak a new language, friends for life and memories that you will share with your grandchildren.

Join us in China this summer, and discover yourself in a new world.

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