Student’s Experience with Hutong Online Classes on Our Web App

Written by Juliette Pitt

For today’s blog we spoke to Babi from Brazil, our online student about her experience using our brand new web app.


Babi was a student before at Hutong School and has continued learning Chinese with us online through our web app.

Our web app is designed so that you can learn Chinese from anywhere in the world, at any time you prefer! All you would need is 30 minutes for one class session. You don’t need to download anything special, you can simply follow the classes via your computer screen.

For more information about our web app please feel free to watch our video here on Youtube.

To register for online classes on the web app please go here:

#Our Interview with Babi

1) What do you think of Hutong’s online classes?

I’m not living in China since 2018 but I wanted to keep learning mandarin and since 2020 when Hutong launched the platform it become possible. I spent some time wondering how I would get the same quality of study knowing that I am not a good “e-learning” student and I need the real contact, however Hutong showed me a new path.

The platform is simple to use, the teachers are willing to help you prepare different type of classes according to your needs and goals, they have an efficient way to deliver lessons to students.

2) Why did you choose Hutong’s online classes?

What motivated me to start using the Hutong online education platform was to keep improving my mandarin level. I trusted it and they achieved my expectation.

3) What do you most like about our Web App and how has your experience been so far?

Hutong has an innovative platform that made possible to study mandarin anywhere, I can study anywhere, it certainly made my life easier.

Sometimes I ask my teacher to record the class and I use it as a review later, which is really helpful.

4) How are your teachers?

The best part is that my teacher already knows me, I was used to take classes with her in personal, the only thing that changed is that now we do it online. She is unbelievable, always cheers me up when I feel tired of contactless classes and provides me real useful examples expanding new vocabulary.

5) What are you currently learning?

I am currently learning HSK 5. Although I do not have so much contact with the language on my daily routine, with my classes I am still guaranteed super professional classes.

My teacher teaches me a lot of useful examples that I can use in my career and it motivates me to keep chasing for knowledge.

6) Since using the web app, how much has your Chinese improved?

My Chinese has greatly improved! The Hutong APP also offers extra learning activities for free that I can access anytime I want.

It also includes conversational lessons, HSK listening, vocabulary, reading and my favorite ones the flash cards!

#Thank you

We would like to thank Babi for her time and for her insight into learning Chinese on our web app.

We hope this blog has provided you with more insight into our online classes. If you have enjoyed learning about our web app please feel free to visit our page to learn more!