Each day in Beijing you will come across many opportunities to meet new people and have many conversations.  Why not learn Chinese at the same time!

The best way to do this is to be able to know certain things about yourself in Chinese.
1.    What do you study? Nǐ xué xī zuò shén me le?
2.    Where do you study? Nǐ zaì nǎlǐ xué xī?
3.    Why did you come to Beijing/Shanghai? Wèi shén me nǐ lái Běijīng/Shànghǎi ma?
4.    How long will you/have you been here? Běijīng lái duō cháng shī jiān?
5.    Where are you from? Nǐ shì cóng nǎlǐ lái de?

These are 5 basic questions that are often asked when meeting people in Beijing. Instead of speaking English with friends try practicing your Chinese in natural settings. That way, when you come across a native speaker you are better able to understand and respond to their questions.

At Hutong School, we offer many opportunities to learn Chinese in these natural settings. Introducing yourself to the continuously arriving students and Hutong School staff can be a great way to get one ready for life in Beijing.

Helpful Hints!
➢ If you don’t know the major someone studies or the area they are from asking them to describe it in Chinese? (This way you can pick up on catchphrases or words that you know that will help you figure out what they are talking about.)
➢ After, have them repeat the word or words that you didn’t understand.
➢ Each time you encounter a new person can be an opportunity for you to learn and also to gain a larger vocabulary.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your Chinese language adventures, check out our article on How to Learn Chinese in 4 weeks. With the 4 weeks covering pinyin, tones, grammar, and vocabulary Get started today!