February was an exciting month because we celebrated Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit! We also had very pleasant surprises, like the first snowfall of this winter! However, February has passed and now we greet March and start saying farewell to the winter season! Before starting a new month, let’s find out what happened at Hutong School during February!

Using Flaschards to Improve your Chinese

When you learn Chinese you can use different and interesting methods that will help you to quickly improve your Chinese language level. Learning Chinese with flashcards is an efficient, easy, fun and useful way of practicing your Chinese skills.

HSK Tests and Preparation Courses Now Available at Hutong School

In February we were proud to announce that we can now offer HSK tests on a monthly basis to our students, as well as HSK preparation courses. If you are interested in preparation courses, please check the HSK section on our website.

Hutong School Featured in the Media

Beijing TodayLearn Chinese at Hutong School and Belgium Unlimited China published some interesting articles about the opening of our second Hutong School Branch in Beijing. Beijing Today featured an interview with our General Manager, Ferry Rebergen, focusing on Hutong School’s evolution and emphasizing the importance of having a second branch in Sanlitun. This article gives a great overview about Hutong School’s mission and vision.

Cultural Activities in Beijing

This month Hutong School hosted a wide array of traditional Chinese activties. We started off with a visit to a Temple Fair. Temple fairs feature a lively atmosphere, traditional snacks and different kinds of performances. Hutong School also organized a trip to the famous and traditional Laoshe Teahouse, where our students tasted the finest teas in all of China. If you want to learn more about this exciting tradition, we invite you to read the China’s Tea Culture series that we posted on Hutong School’s website. Finally, we invited our students to try some famous Old Beijing snacks at Jiumen Xiaochi, which has a very traditional atmosphere where you can try dishes like niangao, a sticky rice dish, dalian huoshao, a fried meat sandwich, and jiang niurou, a braised beef dish.

Hutong School Nights at Beer Mania

Hutong School Nights at Beer Mania have quickly become a tradition among Hutong School’s students. This is a place where you can meet up with fellow students as well as with new people. Join us every Wednesday from 8:00 pm!

To conclude this Monthly Wrap Up, we would like to welcome all the new students that joined us in February! The Hutong School staff wishes you all the best in your future Chinese career and in your life in China!

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