We all know that learning Chinese isn’t the easiest thing one can do, in fact, some would say that it’s between the hardest. Chinese is indeed one of the hardest languages to learn but it’s by far not impossible to learn it even by your own.

There are many things you can do to make the process easier and even more pleasant, but before you even begin you must be 100% sure that you really want to learn Chinese. Otherwise, if you feel more obliged than passionate it might be a total struggle.

But if you do really want to and you believe that this skill will come in handy in your life, in today’s post we prepared 8 amazing ways to learn Chinese quick and easy. Before you read them, keep in mind that patience is the key to achieve anything you desire.

1. Make a Friend Who Knows Chinese or who is Chinese

Having a friend who already knows Chinese or is Chinese is probably the quickest and easiest way to learn Chinese because he or she can always be there to correct your mistakes, to guide you on the right path, and to give you precious insights that you can’t find online or in any book.

As well, the learning process becomes much more pleasant when you have a friend by your side, so if you don’t already have a friend who knows Chinese, you should definitely make one.

2. Download a Learning App

Today, there are apps for absolutely everything. One simple app can truly help you improve your vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, and even teach you some grammar rules.

There are a lot of language learning apps and let’s not talk about how easy and fast they made the learning process. And it’s all there – one click apart. All you have to do is to download the app and be consistent and committed to your study.

The same as you use tools like College Paper Writer or Professional Essay Writer to help you write your assignments when you were at university or college, the same you can do when you’re learning Chinese.

3. Learn to Recognize

The first thing you should focus on when you learn Chinese isn’t the writing of the characters, but recognizing them. I mean, it’s pointless to learn how to write a character if you won’t be able to recognize it and know its meaning later.

Moreover, once you manage to recognize the most common characters, the rest will be way easier to recognize and learn because are mostly a combination of the characters you already know.

4. Learn the Tones

If you already started your journey to learn Chinese, you know what the tones are. If you don’t, tones are an aspect of Chinese that can take one word and change its meaning completely. That’s why if you learn the tones first, you’ll learn Chinese faster and easier, according to a reputable source from Research Paper Writing Service.

5.  Watch at TV series/Listen to Music in Chinese

Personally, I know many people who managed to learn a new language only by looking at TV series. Of course, it was an easier language, Spanish, but it still counts and is all the proof you need to know that watching a TV series and listening to music in that language can really fasten up the process of learning that language.

Not to mention that it can be fun and when you have fun, the learning process becomes naturally easier.

6. Practice in Front of a Mirror

We all need to learn the theory and grammar rules, but speaking is also very important when it comes to learning a new language. Therefore, you definitely have to practice your speaking skills.

But it might not be as easy as it seems because as beginners we can’t speak Chinese properly and naturally you’ll have this fear to not make a fool of yourself, especially if you’re rather introverted then extroverted. That’s why, according to a specialist that provides thesis writing service, the easiest way isn’t to overcome your fear but to improve your confidence by taking your practice in front of a mirror.

There no one will judge your mistakes and you’ll be able to practice for as long and you need and want to. But the best part is that you’ll be able to correct your own mistakes. Just remember that when you’ll be confident enough in your speaking skills you’ll have to take it to the next level and try to speak to a native.

7.  Silence the Whiners

Whining is easy, we can all do it, but silencing the whiners and facing the obstacles is the hard way, but it’s the quickest and in no time it will turn pretty easy. Many people who learn such a hard language as Chinese are whining about how hard it is and whether they should quit or not, but you shouldn’t pay attention to them.

As well, don’t allow yourself to whine because whining is for weak people – are you a weak person? I don’t think you are. Therefore, silencing the winners and overcoming your obstacles is the quickest and, in the end, easiest way to manage to learn Chinese.

8. Don’t Give Up!

Last, but not least, is the only way you’re going to achieve your goal to learn Chinese. The secret is to never give up and just keep learning and practicing every day even when it seems that the information won’t stick in your memory – advices a reputable research paper writing service.

Albert Einstein is famous for failing at least one thousand times before he makes his great discovery, and his secret was not giving up. Therefore, the quickest way to learn Chinese is if you keep going no matter how hard it seems some days.


A wise man once said that good things take time and he couldn’t have been more right. Today we expect to receive all the things that we desire right now because the technology today makes it possible – we are no longer accustomed to waiting.

But when it comes to important things that no all cad no for us, like gaining knowledge and learning valuable life lessons, you need a lot of patience as great results can’t be seen immediately and some not even in the near future.

Therefore, learning Chinese will be a long time process to which you should be ready to commit to before you even begin. Keep in mind that the beginning is always the hardest and the rest is all about not giving up – good luck!

Still feeling like you need a little bit more guidance before you start your language journey? Check out our Chinese Starter Kit or our article on the 10 Biggest Misconceptions about the Chinese Language.

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