The desire for international relations and exposure while studying is a trending topic that is being discussed among students, non-students and even aspiring students in places around the world. The reason for this can be attributed to the numerous benefits associated with the opportunity of international relations during a course of study. Some of these benefits include:

It is however, important to note that the desire to study in other countries is only a dream or mere wishful thinking to many people, because of some factors like; cost, ignorance of available opportunities, lack of interest, nonchalance etc. Furthermore, the cost of studying abroad varies according to the country of choice. Therefore, this piece seeks to provide answers to questions relating to scholarship opportunities to study in China, why students should study in China, the benefits of these scholarships and several other questions. If you’ve been considering studying in China, you’ll find the following scholarship opportunities interesting.

  1. Graduate Program Chinese Government Scholarship

We can classify Graduate Program Chinese Government Scholarship as a generic scholarship. Unlike other scholarships, it covers vast areas such as law, public health, economics, banking, engineering and many more. Considering the number of applicants, the scholarship can be said to be a highly competitive one. The selection process is also tedious. Other things you should know about this Scholarship are as follows.

  • The scholarship is designed for Masters and Ph.D.
  • Cost of Registration, tuition, internship and other related fees are covered during the course of study.
  • A certificate of proficiency in English language is also among the basic requirements.
  • Two recommendation letters from former teachers or employers are necessary for this scholarship.

  1. Dalian Medical University Scholarship

If you are looking for a Chinese scholarship for medical related courses, this scholarship is meant for you because it mainly caters for students in the medical field. Important features you should know about this scholarship are as follows.

  • It makes provision for registration, accommodation, medical charges and other fees related to the course of choice.
  • The registration deadline for this scholarship is usually on the first day of July, every year. So, if you are in the medical field and you care for sponsorship, you definitely need to be on look-out for this opportunity.
  • Applicants for this scholarship should not be above age 25 at the time of processing their application.
  • It is important for you to ensure strict compliance with age requirement and application dates if you want to secure this scholarship.

  1. Jiangsu Jasmine Bachelor Degree Scholarship

This Scholarship is open to all interested students. It covers a wide range of courses and its purpose is to attract outstanding international students. It makes provision for both degree and non-degree programs. Below are some requirements for this scholarship.

  • For bachelor degree program, a student is expected to be below thirty years of age. While masters and Ph.D. require students to be below thirty-five and forty years respectively.
  • Students are expected to have had at least a diploma in the previous course of study before proceeding or enrolling into further studies e.g. a student must have successfully completed the master’s program before he or she can apply for the Ph.D. program.
  • Upon admission, students are expected to provide transcripts as part of the required credentials.
  • This scholarship requires letter of recommendation.

It is however, important to note that students who register on or before 15th of the registration month will have full access to living allowance for that month. While those who register for the scholarship later will only have access to half of the living allowance for the registration month. So, we advise you to register early enough.

  1. MOFCOM Scholarship

The objective of this scholarship is to encourage closer relations between China and other countries. However, it makes provision for only Masters and Doctorate students. Other things you should know about MOFCOM Scholarship are;

  • The scholarship caters for registration cost, accommodation, tuition, and some other fees.
  • Students are entitled to monthly allowance; 3000 RMB for Master students and 3500 RMB for Ph.D. students.
  • Both Master and Ph.D. students get transport allowance from their respective locations to China. They also get transport allowance upon completion of their course of study back to their respective countries.
  • The scholarship program also features an annual all-expense-paid trip for students who wish to visit their home countries during their course of study.

  1. Confucius China Studies Program

This scholarship program is controlled by two bodies; The Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship and The Ph.D. in China Fellowship. It is a full scholarship program and you should know the following about it.

  • It covers tuition, accommodation, medical charges, research, monthly allowance and other expenses that might be incurred while studying.
  • International students also enjoy other support and privilege as provided by the institution.

  1. Silk Road Scholarship Program

The main objective of this scholarship is to attract International student who are outstanding in their field to China. The full scholarship program is a highly competitive and there’s usually a limit to the number of applicants that would be accepted. Only seven seats were advertised for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Furthermore, the SRSP program seeks to promote unity and also support cooperation between countries along the Silk Road. Though it is restricted to the EMEA region, the terms and conditions for the Silk Road Scholarships remains general.


In the endless web of students’ needs, who wouldn’t love to enjoy a befitting scholarship? With the information provided above, you should now be more aware of the various scholarship opportunities hovering around you. Therefore, if you want to study in China and also experience the rich cultural heritage of China which you have probably seen on TV, you should explore the information provided above and make good use of the opportunities therein.

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Contributor and freelance writer, Laura Buckley, aims to help each person find their potential, while also believing that most things in life are simple and achievable. Her drive comes from her own personal motivation. Follow her on Twitter.