The Geography of Chinese Cuisine!

The Geography of Chinese Cuisine - a trip around China! If you have been to China, then you'll know that the Chinese cuisine does not just have one flavor. In fact, food in the south tends to be sweet, salty in the north, sour in the east and spicy in the west. Let's dive in [...]

Tea Customs in China: 3 Fun facts

Tea Customs in China: 3 Fun facts If you've been to China, then I'm sure you would have noticed that Chinese people drink a lot of tea. It is a way of life. Like the Western saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away" in China they say, "one day without tea will bring [...]

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A lesson on cross cultural communication- an interview with Dr. Jeanne Boden

We've written a lot of articles about doing business in or with China, and we thought that a better way we could gain further insight and understanding was to interview an expert. We spoke to Dr. Jeanne Boden a Belgian Sinologist who has over 30 years’ experience advising multinationals active in and within China. #Introduction [...]

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3 Fun Facts about Chinese Kung Fu

A short lesson about Chinese Kung Fu #Kung Fu and its history Chinese Kung Fu (martial arts or in Chinese 功夫- gōngfu) is a series of fighting styles which has developed over a long historical period in China. The earliest origins of Chinese martial arts have been traced back to prehistoric hunting techniques and military [...]

China’s Culinary Culture: Chinese notorious street food!

Your Pocket Guide to Street Food in China If you have been to China, then I'm sure you have wandered around the markets and tried some street food. The food in such markets varies markedly from different regions within China. For instance, if you are in Beijing, then I'm sure you have been to, or [...]

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Here’s How To Play Chinese Chess

Guest Post by Ashlie Lopez Chinese chess is called Xiangqi And is played widely in china. The same family as the chaturanga, western chess, shogi, and Jogi, Chinese chess is also a two-player board game. Known as Xiangqi in the West, it is a widely played board game in China and is played widely worldwide. [...]

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Staying focused at home

All my fellow workers working from home manifest yourselves! How long have you been working from home? It’s been over 9 months for me. It was all nice and games in the first few weeks, am I right? We got to stay at home, wake up later, didn’t have to put on working clothes or [...]

Useful Advice from a Student Studying Chinese

3 Ultimate Tips to Help You Tackle Learning Chinese   Are you looking for a new direction to learn Chinese and not sure how to go about it? Well, you've come to the right place! In many ways, learning Chinese at times can be similar to being lost in a forest as there are many [...]

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year’s Day at Home

In this complete guide you will be learning about how to celebrate Chinese New Year at home! Due to the pandemic, many of our foreign students cannot come to China to celebrate, so here is a brief guide to help you learn, join in, and celebrate this special holiday wherever you may be!  But before [...]

5 Top Tips on for Taking Online Classes

5 top tips: Your Guide to Help You Effectively Study Chinese Whilst Taking Online Lessons Are you currently a student studying Chinese online and not sure how to go about it? Well, you've come to the right place! Studying Chinese Online can be difficult especially since as you are not in a class environment.  Here [...]