Hutong School Wins Academic Excellence Award

We’re excited to announce that we’ve won the iStudy Global Academic Excellence Award from iGap! Having provided over a decade of quality Mandarin classes and internships to students from around the globe, we believe that learning Mandarin is about more than understanding the language.

Hutong School places great emphasis on using a personalized approach to Chinese learning. Every student at Hutong School has a one-on-one level assessment and study plan. We believe in small classes to learn Chinese and teachers who will adapt both topics and methods of interest and ambition of each student to ensure that classes are relevant and motivating. Our teaching method separates spoken Chinese and character recognition, which has been proven to fasten Chinese language learning.

Hutong School is honored to receive an award from iGap for our efforts in Academic Excellence. We believe it is essential that we continue to transfer our knowledge and passion about Chinese language learning and culture to our students in an efficient and compelling way.

We aim to offer you the optimal learning experience in our Chinese language and internship programs and to continue to broaden students’ knowledge of Chinese culture and language.

If you want the Hutong experience for yourself, get in touch and start your China adventure with us!