Winter in China is cold. Really cold. Of course winters are supposed to be cold, but that one is freezing. From November till February the average temperature in Shanghai is 6°C while it is -2°C in Beijing. This might not sound that dramatically to European or American ears but the ice cold winds will make it feel even colder. However, due to those winds you will find yourself in a clear atmosphere with crackling-cold but oh so bright air. The hobby-photographers among us will know that this is the best time to take amazing pictures of the sights. Don’t be intimidated by the freezing weather, grab your camera, get your friends together and visit the city!


It’s all about the preparation: keeping yourself warm

The most important thing during winter is keeping yourself warm. How to?

  • Chinese flats and public buildings in Shanghai for instance don’t have central heating, so cuddle up!
  • It may sound like something your Mommy would say, but it is true: wearing layers is always a good idea.
  • Furthermore, Chinese people are a big fan of long underwear, so you can find different garments on every market.
  • Drinking liters and liters of hot tea is also very helping!

Whatever your favorite way to deal with the coldness is – just make sure you are always warm outside and inside. Once you wrapped yourself in multiple layers of clothes you are well prepared to go outside and get ready for the ‘heat your body up’-part. It might be “Ice Age” out there, but there are still lots of fun things to do!

And action! To the parks!

Winter in ChinaVisit one of Beijing’s or Shanghai’s parks to start with and check out the frozen lakes. Lots of people have great fun there going ice skating! In case you don’t know how to do it and are not really fond of learning it, have one of your friends push you around in a chair or try to ride a bicycle with skids instead of wheels.

If you prefer solid ground, join a ring tossing game or just watch the others and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Short walks through the gardens will prevent you from having cold feet and can lead you to the most amazing spots in the park. This way you can explore Jing’an or Fuxing Park near Hutong School in Shanghai and Ditan, Ritan or Chaoyang Park in Beijing the best!

If you are more for a day in a massage is a good idea. Usually many places can be found around, just check out your neighborhood for the nearest massage studio. For more treatments visit a spa: not only massages are offered, but also jacuzzis, saunas and outdoor areas with hot pools. Girls will definitely enjoy a manicure! Either way, being spoiled is especially nice on cold days, and in China you can find massage/beauty salons for every budget.


And in the end?

To complete your winter day: going to a Hot Pot place is a must! While the soup is simmering you can chose your favorite ingredients and enjoy everything freshly made at your table.


What are your tricks to keeping yourself warm on a snowy winter day?


Theresa Hirsch
Marketing Intern Assistant 


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