Learn Chinese at Hutong SchoolMore and more people are starting to learn Chinese and when they decide to do so, they want to come to China to fully immerse themselves in the language, the Chinese culture and the traditional lifestyle of the Chinese people.

In this series of posts we are going to tell you why Beijing is the best place to learn Chinese and we are going to show to you some interesting aspects of studying Mandarin in this fascinating city!

Why did you decide to come to Beijing to study Chinese? Please share your thoughts in the comment field below!

China’s Heart: Beijing
Beijing, as China’s capital, is nowadays a modern city full of energy and vitality. It is the core and soul of this wonderful country. Beijing is the right place to be in China if you want to live a dynamic life full of extraordinary and enriching experiences. Beijing is at the center stage of the Chinese world! Come and discover Beijing and become a true Beijinger (北京人)!

Have the True Chinese Language Experience in Beijing!
The most important reason to learn Chinese, commonly known as Mandarin, in Beijing is that Mandarin (the official language in China) is widely spoken in Beijing and its surrounding areas. Many other areas in China, like Shanghai, have their own dialects that are very different from Mandarin. Beijing is the best place where you can learn the true Chinese Language!

Exciting crossroads Hutong School Beijing
Beijing is a vibrant mix between the old and the new. When you learn Chinese in Beijing, you will be fully immersed in an authentic and traditional environment, while living in a very modern city. Hutong School gives you this experience because our students are able to study Chinese in our centrally located branch in Sanlitun, close to the Central Business District.

With a population of about 17 million, Beijing is a melting pot where you can find an interesting and diverse mix of cultures, ethnicities, ages and social groups. You can experience this exciting and diverse environment in Hutong School, where we have students from all over the world, and at the same time you can practice your Chinese with the local Beijing people!

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