Welcome back to the second chapter of the series “Why Study Chinese in Beijing”. Sit tight and let us tell you more about why you should learn Chinese in Beijing or why you should do an internship in Beijing while studying Chinese in China.

Feel the Hospitality of the Local Beijing People

Beijingers are one of the main reasons to come to learn Chinese in Beijing. People are always very courteous and helpful and are especially attentive and respectful towards foreigners. You can instantly have tons of Chinese friends (péngyou 朋友) which will help you to get up close with authentic Chinese culture. Beijing is a city full of culture that is best represented by its inhabitants, who will welcome you and open the doors of local culture for you.

A Taste of ChinaSichuan-Food

The variety of cuisines is mind blowing. Experience the most promintent Chinese cuisines in Beijing. Furthermore, if you want something different, Beijing has a large variety of Western restaurants. All in all, Beijing has the best restaurants in all of China. You can even experience Chinese cooking on the street, as many food vendors prepare their meals on the sidewalk!

Bustling Life

Beijing boasts a spectacular environment full of restaurants, cafes, bars, and places where you can chill out.

The city offers lots of entertainment and sport options: Chinese and western performances, cinemas, hiking and so much more. Why not have a walk through the ancient Forbidden City, explore the old streets or hutongs, and later head to the modern and thriving parts of Beijing to discover why China is one of the most prosperous economies of the world.

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