Longqing GorgeThe last activity in June will lead us to the Longqing Gorge (Dragon Rejoice Gorge), which was named after the birthplace of Emperor Renzong of the Yuan Dynasty. The Gorge is located about 85 kilometers north of Beijing and is part of a large reservoir around the Gucheng River.

It features traditional sculptures and a temple built next to the riverbank. As the best way to enjoy this great piece of nature is by boat, we will hire a boat and glide along the river while enjoying the great view. For those who are looking for action; bungee jumping (150RMB) is also an option!


Meeting Time: 9:00, Saturday July 30th

Meeting place: Hutong School Courtyard

Fee: 260rmb for Hutong School students, 340rmb for non Hutong School Students