Hutong School introduces our latest partnership: The Chairman’s Bao.

Have you ever wondered if there is an app for learning Chinese? Did you ever want to read up-to-date news in Chinese, but your level was just not good enough for the Chinese newspapers? 10 years ago, two British students realized how efficient it is to read articles as a way of learning Mandarin. They came up with the idea to provide topical news articles written to specific HSK levels to make it possible for intermediate Chinese learners to read articles about current topics. That’s the short-version history of The Chairman’s Bao.

1. What does The Chairman’s Bao provide?

The Chairman’s Bao is the first online simplified Chinese newspaper written for students of Mandarin. We are a leading-edge solution provider of language education delivering high quality reading, learning, and teaching materials through news-based lessons catering to the needs of individuals and academic institutions alike. Our synchronised multi-platform delivery of materials ensures on-demand mobile access for self-study or to complement in-class lessons.”

2. How does TCB work?

With this innovative approach to learning, TCB aims to be a platform for both individuals and institutions. For institutions, it’s a great platform to use since TCB provides up-to-date, interesting articles with close-to-scientific punctuality (and pronunciation). For individual students, the app has several built-in features, which makes the studying process easier such as: HSK graded lessons (so you can easily choose your own level), spoken audio for the articles (access to listen to the correct tones), simplified and traditional characters, interactive dictionary, bookmarking, word bank (very individual dictionary, subject to your own edition). All these small details and extra features make this app both versatile and effective for learning. For more information, click on the gallery.

3. How can we help you?

Hutong School is happy to announce that each student, who choose the Intensive Chinese Program will get a free subscription to The Chairman’s Bao if you are HSK 3 level or above. This great addition to our e-toolkit toolkit will make it even easier for you to learn outside the classroom and maintain your Chinese in your free time. For additional information, please write us an e-mail: or visit the

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