Each region of China has its own typical dishes that can be very different from any other place in China.Old Beijing Snacks at Jiumen Xiaochi or Nine Gates Snacks

What better way to explore Chinese dishes than by visiting a new restaurant with people who know about different and exciting dishes? Each month we are visiting different restaurants to give students an opportunity to try new foods. This time is Old Beijing Snacks at Jiumen Xiaochi.

The name Jiumen Xiaochi, or Nine Gates Snacks, comes from the nine gates that led into the royal palace. The private rooms in the courtyard are named after these gates, including Deshengmen, Dongzhimen and Zhengyangmen. Situated in a courtyard, this restaurant recreates Qianmen’s old Menkuang Hutong courtyard house. It has stalls lining the indoor “hutong” that serves as a food court, with diners sitting at traditional wooden tables and chairs.

Popular dishes include niangao, a sticky rice dish, dalian huoshao, a fried meat sandwich, and jiang niurou, a braised beef dish.

Time: 7:00pm Thursday, February 17th

Meeting place: Hutong School courtyard

Price: Everyone pays for themselves. Should be about 60-70RMB per person.

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