Speakers' Event Recap: Talking China

Behind the Chinese Social Credit System and New Retail in China

Last Thursday, in close collaboration with the Dutch Belgian Young Professionals, we organized another successful speakers’ event with a high turnout. This night was full of interesting insights where we discussed the Chinese Social Credit System and the changes in China’s retail.

With its dynamic business environment, fast-growing economy, increasing innovativeness, China is always changing. Meaning, that there is still, and there always will be so much to learn! There are many misconceptions and controversy around China, especially with terms of politics.

Ed Sander

We therefore welcomed our first guest speaker: Ed Sander who provided his professional view and insights on the controversial Chinese Social Credit System. With a background in CRM and data-driven marketing, award winning book “Event Driven Marketing”, and work-experience as a marketing consultant in China, he was able to give us his valuable insights on China’s business environment. His presentation gave us a better understanding of the misconceptions surrounding the Chinese Social Credit System, and especially its negative connotation. After his lecture, attendees were encouraged to network, discuss while enjoying some of the provided drinks.

Dominiek Pouwer

Following the break, we welcomed our second guest speaker to the stage: Dominiek Pouwer. With years of work experience in the Digital and eCommerce area, of which he’d spend a significant amount of years in China, he was the perfect person to introduce us to the changing retail in China. He discussed the development of new retail and how the retail in China has been changing due to technological advancements. He introduced us to types of new retail, while using several case studies.

We want to thank our guest speakers for their time, enthusiasm and sharing their knowledge and expertise. We’d also like to thank all the attendees for being part of this fantastic night.

All-in-all this night was full of valuable interesting insights, networking, drinks, and interesting discussions. We gained a better understanding of the Chinese social and business environment. Hopefully, we’ll see you (again) at our next speakers’ event!

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25 Mar 2019

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