Whether you’re stuck in quarantine in China, stuck at home like the rest of the world, or just trying to get your life back to normal. We understand you’re probably going stir crazy these days. Week one went from being super productive to now starting wine time at 11 AM. We don’t blame you, it’s crazy times now. But we’re here to help. For the next few weeks, we’ll try to help you to stay (relatively) sane with recommendations from workouts to educational classes, to cooking tips. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Our friends at Body & Soul Yoga were kind enough to share some yoga poses that you can do at home to help you stay centered and calm through these unprecedented times. Namaste.

指南针式变体 (Compass variant)

鸽子式变体 (Pigeon variant)

上犬式 (Upper facing dog)

幻椅式变体 (Chair variant)

站立神猴式 (Standing monkey)

前臂倒立式 (Forearm stand)

头肘倒立式变体 (Head and elbow stand variant)

单腿半站立背部伸展式 (One leg half standing back stretch)

双臂上举式变体 (Double arm lift variation)

Stay tuned for our next quaratine pick-up article! Until then, if you’re looking for other ways to work out, especially your brain, check out our new app! Available for download on iOS and Android now!Click edit button to change this text.