Chinese Hospitality

4 Things You Need to Know About Chinese Hospitality This is a guest blog post from TutorMandarin ( - an online Mandarin Chinese teaching service that teaches students how to speak Chinese using an innovative mobile app and PC Software. "How happy to have friends from far away!" said Confucius [...]

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Chinese Lingo on the Internet

Can you decipher the code? A lot of the textual Chinese lingo used by locals is made up of numbers. While this appears to be some kind of code, all you have to do is simply sound out the numbers (add a bit of a Beijing accent, meaning an "-er" at the end of each [...]

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Chinese Slang

Word on the streets Most Chinese slang terms originate from something someone once said which then became a rage and stuck around as modern language. For example, Jackie Chang once said “Duang” in an interview advertising shampoo to express the sudden effect of the product, meaning something like “Ta Da!” and ever since then it has [...]

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China’s Richest

China's Richest Wang Jianlin Walking through the streets of China’s cities you probably will have already come across the most luxurious mall you’ve ever laid your eyes on next to a broken down slum. The juxtaposition of China’s richest and poorest creates an ever-present effect on those trying to [...]

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Become a Chinese Master Chef

5 Famous Chinese Dishes You Should Try (to make yourself) The more you begin to feel confident in China, the less scared you will be to venture out to local Chinese restaurants. Their menus are usually in Chinese (or with amazing translations) so if you've ever felt overwhelmed trying to choose a Chinese dish, here's what [...]

Guestblog: How To Negotiate A Salary In China

How To Negotiate A Salary In China This week Hutong School blog was visited by guest blogger: Laowai Career Most tourists who come China experience some form of culture shock. China can be an incredibly overwhelming place. The language, food, and customs are dramatically different. Yet with patience, an open mind, and a [...]

Crazy Chinese TV Shows

Chinese Reality TV How close to reality are Chinese reality shows really? If you're not a fan of obviously scripted scenes, these might be more appealing to you. Reality TV is all about drama and surprisingly, they don't sugar coat anything here. Harsh reactions, real issues and rejection. Here are some of the most popular shows [...]

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Guestblog: 7 Mesmerizing Secrets About Chinese Food

7 Mesmerizing Secrets About Chinese Food This week the Hutong School blog was visited by a guest blogger: Operation:Falafel One day or the other, most of us try to cook Chinese food that we find comfort in. Whether we take a stab at the egg-fried rice with Szechuan chicken or the chow mein [...]

Guestblog: Chinese with Mike

How Do I Make Learning Mandarin Chinese Easy and Fun? This week the Hutong School blog was visited by a guest blogger: Mike from Chinese with Mike Nǐ hǎo! My name is Mike Lǎoshī, and I am the creator of Chinese with Mike, a video/textbook series to learn Mandarin Chinese. If you follow [...]

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Social Media in China

Social Media in China Ever wondered what the equivalent of Facebook or Instagram was in China? Or if there was even a social media app other than WeChat that was used? Here’s a short overview of China’s most popular and frequently used apps. WeChat The most popular form of Social Media in [...]

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