Find Us In Chengdu, The Place To Be!

We are excited to announce that we partnered with a language school in Chengdu! So, now you'll be able to visit us there as well and share and live the China experience. When we mention Chengdu, the first things that you might think of are pandas and Sichuan peppers. Yes, Chengdu is known [...]

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Speakers’ Event Recap: Talking China

Behind the Chinese Social Credit System and New Retail in China Last Thursday, in close collaboration with the Dutch Belgian Young Professionals, we organized another successful speakers’ event with a high turnout. This night was full of interesting insights where we discussed the Chinese Social Credit System and the changes in China's retail. With its [...]

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Guest blog: How to be Prepared For Studying in China

According to reports, China currently hosts around half a million foreign students, which is a number that not many people would have predicted 20 years ago. The reason why China is so popular among foreigners is that of the versatility of academic programs, the quality of education, multilingual universities, and the rapid growth of the [...]

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The Complicated Chinese Family Tree

To all those Chinese learners out there, we're here for you, because we know the struggle of studying Chinese. This language can be extremely difficult with the many different tones, characters, and pinyin. Not only are the tones difficult to memorize, knowing how to pronounce them and actually being able to pronounce them is a [...]

We Are Hiring!

*Continue reading for English 我们正在招聘:中国市场营销和SEO的实习生 我们正在寻找一位勤奋、热情的以汉语为母语的实习生,如果你对向外国人宣传我们的中国的语言和文化有兴趣,请加入我们年轻、充满激情的上海团队吧! 作为一名专注于中国市场的营销和搜索引擎优化的实习生,您将与我们的中国市场的销售团队密切合作,展开关于中国网站的项目,从第一天工作起就有机会对我们的业务产生有效的影响。 实习职责 中国网站的维护和优化 更新和创建关于搜索引擎优化的网站内容 持续的SEO维护 中文网站内容创建 监控和分析中国网站性能 基于个人利益和公司需求的营销调查和分析 普通业务的中英翻译工作 实习要求 营销或商业相关学位或工作经验 较强的分析能力 百度搜索引擎优化知识 在网站后端工作的经验(了解SaaS 的平台是加分项) 能够独立、积极地进行工作,并在处理多个项目时保持及时的沟通和反馈 母语为中文的 流利的英语口语和书面表达 其他细节 开始日期:越快越好 实习时间:1-3个月 全职 地点:中国上海 如果你对这个职位感兴趣,请把简历发送至 公司说明 胡同中学是中国教育部批准的第一所由欧洲团队经营管理的汉语学校。自2005年在北京成立以来,我们在上海、杭州和成都以及世界各地的首都11 个城市等都开设了多个分支机构。 我们年轻而充满活力的上海团队由来自世界各地的成员组成,每个青年人都对在中国的旅途充满热情。学校位于地铁7号线,离静安寺只有很短的一段路。   We are hiring: Chinese Marketing and SEO Intern We are looking for a hard-working, enthusiastic native Chinese speaker with an [...]

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Service Excellence Award Winner!

Yes, we are a winner! We are very proud to announce that we won our third award in a row from iStudy. After 'Cultural Excellence Award' and 'Academic Excellence Award' we can finally add the 'Service Excellence Award' to the list! We were founded in 2005, with the aim to meet the growing interest in China. We provide [...]

Why You Should Take A Gap Year

Letting Yourself Say Yes: Taking a Gap Year Overseas The idea of a gap year can be a little daunting. But agreeing to a gap year spent in China, – now that’s stepping out of your comfort zone. Still, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of college, then taking a gap year that still challenges [...]

The Best Study Cafes In Shanghai

Whether you're a current student or you have studied before, we are all too familiar with trying to study and get some work done while being distracted by pretty much anything. These distractions can be disguised in many ways. Whether it be annoying siblings, nagging moms, friends or Netflix, it all results in us trying [...]

What To Do During Chinese New Year In Shanghai?

It is that time of the year where every Chinese person seems to be on the move. The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring festival i.e. the Lunar New Year. This year's Chinese New Year will take place between the 4th and 10th  of February to prelude the year of 'the pig'. As [...]

Guest Blog: 6 Scholarships For Studying In China

The desire for international relations and exposure while studying is a trending topic that is being discussed among students, non-students and even aspiring students in places around the world. The reason for this can be attributed to the numerous benefits associated with the opportunity of international relations during a course of study. Some of these [...]

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