An insight into learning Chinese – an interview with Keren Liu from Unconventional Chinese

An insight into learning Chinese - an interview with Keren Liu from Unconventional Chinese Written by Juliette Pitt Continuing with our interviews with different experts, this week we spoke to Ms. Keren Liu an educational entrepreneur who teaches Chinese via her online platform called Unconventional Chinese. #Introduction Ms. Keren Liu is a Chinese teacher and [...]

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The Five Do’s and Do not’s When attending a Formal Dinner in China

Your Pocket Guide to Impress your Chinese Host Written by Juliette Pitt If you have been to China and have attended a formal dinner then I'm sure you are very aware of the importance of demonstrating good etiquette. Most business and networking in China are conducted over the dinner table, and a good 'display' at [...]

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Here’s How To Play Chinese Chess

Guest Post by Ashlie Lopez Chinese chess is called Xiangqi And is played widely in china. The same family as the chaturanga, western chess, shogi, and Jogi, Chinese chess is also a two-player board game. Known as Xiangqi in the West, it is a widely played board game in China and is played widely worldwide. [...]

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What Does “Miànzi” Really Mean?

A closer look on what 'Face' (面子) exactly is in China Written by Juliette Pitt So, we're sure if you've been to China or if you are familiar with Chinese culture you have come across the term "miànzi"(面子). The direct translation of "miànzi" is face. Similar to the Western idea of reputation, 'face' describes one's reputation or [...]

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The future of doing business in China – an interview with Mr. Biao Wang

The future of doing business in China - an interview with Mr. Biao Wang Written by Juliette Pitt We've written a lot of articles about doing business in or with China, and we thought that a better way we could gain further insight and understanding was to interview an expert. We spoke to Mr. Biao [...]

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Having an Interview in China

Your 3 Ultimate Top Tips on How to Succeed in an Interview in China! Written by Juliette Pitt So, if you've been following our blogs, you'll probably notice that we've been writing or we have written articles about how to do business in China. Some of the topics that we've covered so far are the [...]

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How to Introduce yourself in a Chinese Business Environment

Your Pocket Guide on How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese Written by Juliette Pitt Learning how to introduce yourself in Chinese is a vital skill. Whether you are just studying Chinese for fun or visiting China for business or even just attending an event, learning how to introduce yourself is a good way to make [...]

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Guest Blog – Hutong School Web App Review

As a result of the pandemic, more and more language schools have taken their services online for international students. This is usually in the form of Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams. One school in particular, however, has taken online learning to a new level. In this post, I talk about my experience using the [...]

3 Top Tips on How to Haggle Like a Pro in China

How to master haggling in China? Written by Juliette Pitt I'm sure if you've been to China, you would have experienced haggling. Haggling is part of Chinese culture and like any great skill you might need some practice before you can master the art of it! So here are three top tips to help you [...]

The New HSK Examination System

The New HSK Examination System Written by Juliette Pitt We have a huge announcement...the HSK System is GOING TO CHANGE! But don't panic; this pocket guide will hopefully inform you about the new system and on what you should do. What Do We Know So Far? 'Three Stages and Nine Levels' Announced in May 2020 [...]