Meet the Hutong Team! Meet Amy Wong, our new Program Consultant in Beijing!

Name: Amy Wong
Occupation: Program consultant
Hobbies: Cycling, Hey!robics, running, exploring and eating
City and country: London, United Kingdom
Favorite food in China: jiaozi & anything with aubergines or pumpkin

Why did you choose China?  What attracted you?
I came to get a complete lifestyle change. I wanted to learn Chinese in China and its culture and see what all the fuss was about after hearing my friend’s amazing trip in Beijing for one year.

Why did you decide to stay in China? What keeps you here?  
After 2 years living here, I feel that I still have not done/ seen enough. The Beijing beat has kept me here, along with the wonderful people I’ve met.

What’s your best memory in China? 
So so many!  But hiking for 2 days on the Great Wall and raving on the Great Wall are definitely up there at the top of the list!

What was the first impression you had from Hutong School? 
I found everyone very friendly and welcoming.  I loved the hard working yet relaxed atmosphere, the location of the school, and the company’s work ethics.

What motivates you to work at Hutong School? 
We work as a team and my colleagues are also my friends.  We support each other and I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day to see everyone.  I feel very lucky to be working for Hutong School!

Why do you think students abroad should choose Hutong School?
For those who really want an unforgettable experience in China, Hutong School offers a fantastic community spirit and support network who will help you to live out your China dream from day one.  If you want to experience language learning, culture, fun and meeting friends for life from all corners of the world, then Hutong School should be the choice for you!

Anthony Balza
Marketing Assistant Intern