BeijingThis is one of the most interesting and hectic experiences one can have in Beijing. As a non-native speaker a store merchant will often try to get you to buy things that you don’t want or charge you prices that are too expensive. Below is list of useful phrases that will help you to buy and get what you need without hassle. Being able to speak Chinese or to learn clothing items allows you to shop with ease.

Lets go shopping…

You can point to the item you want.
I want (one or two) of this…/Wǒ yào yī-ge or liǎng ge…
I don’t want this…/ Wǒ bù yào zhè gè …

If offered something you can say you like it or don’t like it.
I like that / Wǒ xǐhuān zhè gè.
That is pretty… piào liàng (漂亮)/ méi lì (美丽)/ hǎo kàn (好看)
That is not pretty…/ Zhè gè bù piào liàng

Make sure you let the merchant know if you need a different size.
Do you have a larger size? / Yǒu méi yǒu dà yī hào de ?

Be firm if you don’t want something.
No, thank you! / Wǒ bù yào, xièxiè!

Ask how much it costs, bargain bargain bargain (only in places where you CAN bargain)
How much does this cost?/ duō shǎo qián?
Too expensive! / Tài guì le!
I will buy this…/ Wǒ yào mǎi le!

Does the shop have exchanges or returns? (many shops do not)
Can I return this? / Wǒ néng tuì ma?

Other ways of finding what you want…
You can point to something you or someone else is wearing and say…I want that (Wǒ
yào na ge)!

Now that you have learned these useful phrases you will find yourself quickly learning Chinese and getting around the shāng diàn or shop! Luckily, the new location for the Hutong School Sanlitun office is located right across the shopping center! You can learn Chinese shopping right after work or class.

Want to learn more? Besides shopping, another way to practice your Chinese on a daily basis is by learning Chinese on the go or while you’re at a restaurant.

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