How to survive the hot summer in China

Summer is the best season for Yang energy and human metabolism. Sweating too much makes it easy to  lose valuable body fluid, so delicate food is given priority to the health in summer. By eating these and following the rest of the advice below, you can avoid losing too much energy.

Here are some health tips regarding

1. Air conditioner

Be sure to put the air conditioner off at bedtime, because sleeping in low temperature will make you catch a cold.

2. Refrigerator

Drinking cold drinks is OK, but not too much, for too many cold drinks will cause stomach discomfort.

3. Food

Light food is strongly recommended during summer in China. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the functions of spleen and stomach become weaker and it’s therefore appropriate to eat some heat-clearing and detoxifying foods, like vegetables (such as crown daisy chrysanthemum, celery, cabbage, coriander, bitter gourd, bamboo shoots, cucumber, melon and other); fish (such as black carp, crucian carp, silver carp and so on). These foods can lower the heat of the body and eliminate fatigue effects,  and will have a preventive effect on the intestinal disease as well.

4. Drinks

Best drink in hot summer is Green Bean Soup.




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