Let me int Inter Hangzhouroduce to you the city of Hangzhou, a city where Old China meets New China. A place where you can go for a cultural stroll or indulge yourself in all the new technological know-how and innovations. A place where you can set out the path for your future career or the place where you can take a break from it. It is definitely worth knowing more about this city, whether it is to determine if an internship in Hangzhou is next on your career path or whether you want to know more about the culture of China.

History of Hangzhou

When we go far back in history Hangzhou was already very important to China. It is one of the seven ancient capitals of China and is designated as a “Historic and Cultural City” by the Chinese government. The city was the political, economical and cultural heartland of China for centuries. During the Sui dynasty (589-617) the prosperous city served as a key commercial hub and during the Southern Song dynasty (960-1279) it served as the political capital.

Cultural Hangzhou

Internship in HangzhouWith such a rich history you can imagine the abundance of culture there is to discover. For starters, Hangzhou has no less than two World Heritage Sites! The West Lake and the Grand Canal. The West Lake is known for its beautiful scenic views. The Grand Canal is the longest canal in the world and starts all the way up north in Beijing. It is 1,776 km long and some parts date back to the 5th century BC. All sections were finally combined during the Sui dynasty.

“The most splendid and finest City in the World”  – Marco Polo

Hangzhou has something to offer for everyone. There are plenty of temples, ancient streets an Learn Mandarin Hangzhoud botanical gardens to see for those who want to go sightseeing in the city. If you are looking to see some nature, then of course you should visit the West Lake. But the beautiful city of Hangzhou is also referred to as the Tea Capital. So you could also consider visiting a Tea Plantation when in Hangzhou. Here you can pick your own tea leaves and learn how tea is made. Hangzhou is particularly famous for Longjing tea, a top 10 green tea in China. So don’t forget to enjoy your new-gained knowledge by participating in a tea ceremony once you are back in the city!


“In Hangzhou, the fragrance of osmanthus is as sweet as wine in the autumn,
while lotus blooms stretch ten miles long in the summer” – Liu Yong, Song dynasty poet

Business in Hangzhou

Intern HangzhouWith its rich cultural history the city did not only earn itself a place in the history books. As all important political and business leaders gathered in this city for the G20 Summit 2016, it became clear that Hangzhou has also earned itself a place in the spotlight of the future. It is the city of the tech giants of China or also referred to as the Silicon Valley of China. Its potential is seen as one of the most promising technology hubs of the country. More than 10% of the China’s top 500 private enterprises are from Hangzhou – this is the most among all Chinese cities.

Internship in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the perfect city to go to when you are an ambitious students with your eyes set on a terrific career.  Whether you are a real entrepreneur and longing for your own start-up, or whether you want to be part of the big players like Alibaba. Hangzhou offers you all the technological knowledge and skills that you could need. You can enter a fast and fascinating world of digital communication, all with the technology of tomorrow. Sign up here internship in Hangzhou and start packing!

Should I visit Hangzhou?

If you are not convinced by now, what more is there to say. Visit this beautiful city! You can learn about the Chinese culture and see all this rich history for yourself, while stepping into the world of modern technology at the same time. There is more information on why you should go to Hangzhou here. Or if you want to Learn Chinese or find your ultimate internship in Hangzhou, we are glad to help.