On October 18th 2016, Hutong School and NESO (Netherlands Education Support Office) China announced some big news. We offered our first China Scholarship Program for students!

The scholarship is valued at € 4.000,- (or almost 30.000 CNY). This includes an internship placement of 3 months, with accommodation and 4 hours of Mandarin classes each week and of course, our additional services such as assistance with Chinese visa application, registration in China, travel inquiries, etc.

We carefully considered all of the applications that we received, and we found our two winners! On January 16th we were delighted to announce that the winners of the NESO-Hutong School Scholarship 2017 are Su-Sannah Veens and Lindy Arends. We are very proud of our Scholarship winners so let me introduce them to you.

Su-Sannah Veens is a 20 year old student who is living in Den Bosch where she is doing an HR internship at Fruitmasters.

Lindy Arends, 23, is from Haarlem and is currently doing her masters in psychological behavior at the University of Amsterdam.

What made you decide to sign yourself up for the scholarship?

NESO Scholarship

Su-Sannah Veens

Su-Sannah: I didn’t have to think twice when I heard about the scholarship opportunity. I have some contacts in Beijing that I stay in touch with thanks to WeChat, so I look forward to meeting them again when I go for my internship.

Lindy: I volunteered in New Delhi recently and ever since then I have been excited to go abroad again. When I saw the scholarship just hours before the deadline I didn’t hesitate to take my chance.

What do you expect of Beijing and the Chinese culture?

Su-Sannah: I hope to gain the full China experience! I was born in Chengdu so I have always had a connection with China. I hope to be able to adjust in such a way that I don’t feel like a foreigner in China anymore. While in China I also hope to improve my Chinese and get to know the Chinese culture better.

Lindy: I’m really looking forward to discovering the Chinese culture. I can already picture myself walking down the streets of Beijing and tasting the Chinese cuisine, starting with Peking duck! I’m aware of the language barrier so I hope to gain a good knowledge of basic Mandarin Chinese to be able to communicate with the locals.

How will your internship add value to your studies?

Su-Sannah: As my parents have a fruit farm in the Netherlands, I’ve always been interested in the Agricultural sector which made me decide to study the business of this sector. In the future, I would like to contribute to the exchange of knowledge between China and the Netherlands.

Lindy: I have always been curious about cultural differences. As a student in psychological behavior I naturally study differences in behavior. This internship gives me the opportunity to experience and observe cultural differences firsthand. This is something I am very excited about. I hope I will be able to culturally enrich my studies by observing the cultural differences and put theory to practice.

NESO scholarship

Lindy Arends

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

Su-Sannah: I hope to grow professionally by getting experience in the field of marketing and improve my communication skills. I hope to gain connections in China as the Dutch Agricultural companies do a lot of business with China.

Lindy: I hope to gain knowledge and expertise from my internship while learning more about myself and discovering my main interests, strengths, weaknesses and how I function in a different professional culture. I’m also curious to see if I will discover that living and working abroad is something I will be able to see myself doing in the future.

What else do you wish to experience during your time in China?

Su-Sannah: I’m very excited and looking forward to my internship in China! I definitely want to visit the Great Wall and the typical Hutong’s in the city.

Lindy: Thinking about an internship in Beijing already excites me! I look forward to learning more about this large culture and historic civilization.

We hope that both Su-Sannah and Lindy enjoy their time with Hutong School.

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