Can you believe that December is drawing to an end? This has been a fun and exciting year for the Hutong School. As we end the year 2010 and head into 2011, we want to thank everyone for their continued support and participation! If you thought this year was fun get excited for what will come in 2011, check out upcoming events!

What have we been up to this month?  Well….wait no longer to find out!

Christmas Party
Christmas party at Hutong SchoolChristmas time in Beijing shared with friends and Hutong family! Just in case you thought one would miss out on the Christmas Holidays in Beijing, the Hutong School put together a party to bring the holidays to its students. This was a great time to come together and celebrate not only the holidays but the warmth, joy, and laughter of the program. Students and the Hutong School Staff exchanged gifts and shared stories bringing a little holiday bliss to all!


The Big Move
NOW OPEN!  We have finally moved into our new office in the Sanlitun Distict! The office has a great view and is located across from The Village shopping center. In the new office, there are several classrooms as well as a quaint lounging area. We want to students to feel welcome and comfortable in our new office. Now, students get to enjoy the unique atmosphere of both the old hutongs and the bustling business district.

Hutong School makes Global Times
This month one of Hutong School’s founders, Jeremie Rossignol was featured in Global Times. In the interview he reflects on the hard work and dedication that him and the other co-founders had in establishing this unique school. With the shared vision of the future, they wanted a setting where culture and language intertwined in Beijing’s historic hutong setting.  With this large goal came times of struggle and ingenuity and this article explores the steps to our programs foundation!

Learn, eat and have fun!
We blogged about the ways in which you can learn Chinese throughout your daily routine while in Beijing. These lessons can help to increase your vocabulary each day with little effort. We encourage students to try these or their own methods for learning while traversing Beijing. One can eat, travel, and learn Chinese while on the go everyday in Beijing.

The Art of Writing
What better way to learn Chinese than to learn the beauty and the history of its characters?  Known in English as Calligraphy or Shūf(书法) in Chinese, this art form is thought to convey thought and beauty. Thus, for an evening we invited an instructor to relay this ancient past time. It takes many years for someone to truly master the art of writing but our students gain access to this meaningful art which helps to instill the importance of their lessons. This was only one of the many cultural activities held this month.

We would like to welcome 6 new students in the month of December! We wish them a stay full of fun, adventure and learning Chinese!

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