We will be hiking along the Jingxi Gudao next Saturday. We start at 8.00 am at the Hutong School courtyard. For lunch, we will be stopping to have a picnic outdoors and will be back at School around 19.30 pm.

Jingxi GudaoJingxi Gudao, or
Jingxi Ancient Road, is located in the hills on the western side of Beijing. Beginning in the Yuan Dynasty, people here have worn paths to transport coal from the nearby mines to as far away as Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. So it is not just a road that connecting Beijing to the world, it is also a great evidence of the advanced economy and cultural development. That leads us to the history of that magnificent period. 
The area is also known for its stone quarries, and for producing exquisite glass works.
Xishan Dalu

Xishan Dalu (Western Hill Road), which connects many sub roads, is the main road of Jingxi Ancient Road. Despite urban development in Beijing the area remains quite rural, with rustic villages and temples interspersed throughout the region. This trip is a really good opportunity to see a different face of Beijing. So don’ t miss it!