Get ready to get scared

If you are visiting Hutong School Shanghai today, prepare to be scared! It is almost October 31, probably the spookiest day of the year, and at Hutong School we are down to celebrate that. For the whole week our Chinese teachers have been busy helping their students ordering costumes online and the office talk is all about the scary costumes everybody is going to wear. In every corner you can hear chats concerning pirate costumes and vampire dresses – some even decided to keep their alter ego a secret to make it more exciting! But what is it that everybody is so excited about that one special night? There is going to be a big party at Hutong School!

This month’s Welcome Party is Halloween-themed…

…and we are all getting prepared. We are looking forward to a spooky, crazy, and oh so nice evening, and we are excited to meet all our new friends – well, if we recognise them, at least! Get yourself ready for Halloween: find the perfect costume, get your friends and come to Hutong School to celebrate with us. And really, don’t forget the costume! There will be a costume contest with a special prize for the most scary, horrifying, funny or creative costume so dig out your wigs, fangs and fake blood before joining us.


We can’t wait to see you in disguise! Join the party!

Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm (after 10pm, we’ll continue the party at a different place)
Date: Friday, October 26th
Place: Former French Concession Branch, Shanghai


What was your scariest, funniest, craziest Halloween costume ever? Share your ideas in the comment box below! 


Theresa Hirsch

Marketing Assistant Intern