The fastest-growing economy, the world’s top country right now and additionally, a nuclear power, China is all set to take over the world by storm of development if it already hasn’t. According to recent reports, China is the world’s second-largest economy in terms of gross domestic product coming up to a whopping approximate of 11 trillion US dollars. However, it can be said that with the rapid pace at which this economy is growing, China would take over the world economic forum in no time.

This makes China the best choice for students to study abroad. According to OECD, that is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. China has the most extensive education system in the world right now. As of 2019, with more than 260 million students and over 15 million teachers, not only the education system in China is massive but has a diverse nature encompassing both local and international students from all over the world.

Why Learn Chinese?

One of the more essential aspects of becoming a part of one of the world’s oldest influential countries is to learn Chinese. If you successfully want to travel abroad to China for pursuing your studies further than make sure you prioritize learning Chinese first. It is a language of basically 20% of the world’s population, given how far-spreading is the cultural influence globally.

Unlike most languages, the Chinese language is popularly recognized by its unique dialects among which are:

  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Hakka
  • Minnanese
  • Shanghainese

International students opt to learn and master Chinese, especially the Mandarin dialect for better employment opportunities in many different fields of work. With China being the emerging superpower, having the skill to understand and speak the Chinese language is valuable and becoming increasingly important.

1.  Choose from the Best Universities

The first and the most important thing you need to consider is if the university you are applying for is going to be helpful for your future career choice. It should be noted that many local universities in China don’t accept transfer applications. To get to know the education system closer, understand that you need to have a considerable budget first to choose your desired university and then opt for a scholarship there. As you should know, you’d have to compete with many students, all applying with excellent grades to avail scholarships. Generally, the universities that actually turn out great for international students all provide scholarship after the student has been admitted. Therefore, choose your institution carefully and take advice from students who have already gone through the whole procedure.

2.  Endless Opportunities

Studying abroad in China will give you a very Chinese viewpoint to see the world. But you will be able to very effectively merge your previous perspective and knowledge base with how the Chinese view the world from their perspective and how it is different from yours. In the past decade, both international visitors and students have been choosing to travel further in China, from Shanghai and Beijing. This has opened up more opportunities and options for people going to China for whatever reason. They can easily choose between 6-7 different cities now that best suit their lifestyle to live and study.

3. Infinite Options to Avail Full Scholarships

The increase in the number of people wanting to study in China is due to the high chance of getting a full scholarship. However, students who feel that applying to multiple universities in the Chinese Government Scholarship are a good idea, then it’s not true. It is not the right recommended way to do it as you have no clue until later on that which university and major you have been accepted in. You don’t get to be sure even if you got the scholarship or not and it can get as late as July of that year. Hence, if you want a full scholarship, it is better to focus on major 2-3 universities for a better chance of getting accepted. You can take help from dissertation editing services UK to write your scholarship application

4. The Chinese Government is Readily Investing in International Students

One of the most critical factors that drive the decision of studying abroad is the finance involved in the lengthy procedure that goes on even before you finally get selected and settle down. It is why the most significant advantage of studying in China is the financial support that the government offers. The Chinese government provides a wide range of packages and funding options to attract international students. The number of students receiving government scholarship has increased tenfold since more opportunities were highlighted in the Chinese education program.

5. Great for your Future Career Path and Choice

Having the knowledge and expertise pertaining to China is regarded highly all over the world. As China becomes the superpower in the world, more and more industries understand the value of having worked there. Also, China is open to tourism. Many people visit the country just for exploring. Wearing punisher leather jacket, influenced by the culture and exploring the city. Therefore, having sophisticated masses and international people being recognized as students is a reputable move.

6. Build Influential Contacts all Around the World

No matter what your medium of study is or what career path you choose, having a network of influential contacts is always helpful. The best part of studying in China is the exposure you get with people around the world. You can quickly become friends and gain colleagues all over the world because you all would be studying under the same roof. You can then take help and advice from them later on in life once you all get settled. Not only will it increase your access to opportunities, but it will extend your network globally.

7. Experience the World’s Largest Economy First Hand

As mentioned earlier, China is a great place to start and enhance your career further. It is the largest and fastest-growing economy and having the chance to experience it first hand is a valuable point in your resume. If you choose a master’s degree program and incorporate work experience with your degree completion through internship or fieldwork.

8. Become a Part of the Ever-growing World Superpower

Working in a growing economic industry is a reputable experience. Not only do you learn how to cope with the rapidly increasing changes, you adapt to the industry environment where anything can happen anytime. And globally, this experience is valuable as not all skilled people have the coping mechanism to understand the industrial demands in a way that economic fluctuations have a substantial impact every time they change.

9. Live in a Growing Chinese Megacity

China is home to 15 of the world’s megacities. A megacity is renowned as one for having a population of over 10 million. Because of the thriving urban dynamic, Beijing and Shanghai have been among the top cities that have been celebrated as the world’s best city environment for students. But as mentioned earlier, China is now bursting with newer and even better opportunities. If you are someone who feels crowded cities are not for them, then China has paved ways for lesser-known but equally thriving cities that provide excellent opportunities for students.

10. Discover One of the Oldest Cultures in the World

Studying in China is nothing short of marvelling over 5000 years of rich culture and history up close and personal. It is a once in a lifetime chance of becoming a part of the history you have probably read about in your school books. It is a chance to not view those old temples, Buddha statues and palaces like a tourist but as someone who is a part of the crowd and lives there.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, China is a growing economic superpower, known globally for its technological feats and highly successful financial journey. Any student will be lucky to become a part of this ever-increasing trend and gaining firsthand experience to valuable industrial dynamics.

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