Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chengdu are vibrant cities, which are constantly changing in rapidly developing China. While maintaining their traditions and culture, these cities are also becoming increasingly modern, and are of growing importance to today’s business world. These factors make China an exciting and unique place to work and study.

Learn Chinese in Beijing | Hutong School


Hutong School started out in Beijing, the capital city located in the northeast region of China. With the Great Wall crossing the north of the city and its reputation for opulent palaces, temples and gardens, Beijing is a proud and enigmatic city known as the culture and art centre of China. Meet the friendly locals, and experience the unique combination of old and modern China.

Join us and you will have the Chinese immersion experience of a lifetime in this truly inspiring and international city!


Learn Chinese in Shanghai | Hutong School


Hutong School welcomed the first students to their Shanghai branch in February 2012. Why Shanghai? Located in eastern China, Shanghai is one of the top 10 most global cities in the world, making it the ideal place for those interested in international business and entrepreneurship. Shanghai is a fast-paced metropolis known for its openness to foreigners as well as its remarkable skyline filled with even more skyscrapers than New York.

Join us and be part of one the fastest economic expansions the world has seen.


Learn Chinese and Intern in Hangzhou | Hutong School


The latest location on the growing Hutong tree is Hangzhou, a beautiful water town near Shanghai with a dynamic and innovative business environment. Hangzhou brings together the best of New and Old China and offers its visitors a rare insight into the complexities of modern-day China. With internships in some of the largest tech companies in China, Hutong School gives you the opportunity to experience innovation from the front row while immersing yourself in traditional Chinese culture.


Learn Chinese in Chengdu | Hutong School


Hutong School are welcoming Internship Program students from May 2014 onwards. As the fourth most populous city in China, Chengdu is one of the most important economic, transportation and communication centres in China, with the growing skyline giving evidence of the booming city. Located at the edge of the Tibetan plateau in western China, Chengdu offers an abundance of green countryside and nature compared to other financial cities, explaining the name “the country of heaven” as given by locals. Chengdu is also home to the nation’s icon, the giant panda, boasting the highest panda population in the entire world!

Join us and experience the perfect place to work and learn about the real Chinese business culture, all with its beautiful countryside backdrop.


With locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chengdu, it is truly up to you to decide where to live, work and study in China.