8 ways to fund your trip to China

You’ve decided to come to China, but you don’t have enough money yet? Then it’s time to do a little fundraising! Here are some ideas that might help you get the money you need to fund your trip.

Clean up and cash in: You’ll probably have a lot of stuff that you don’t use anymore. So clean up your house and sell your possessions on EBay. If you have some more time you can even organize a big yard sale.

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Must See in Shanghai

Planning a visit to come to Shanghai or already here and not sure what to visit? Here are some suggestions:

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Hiking the Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huanghuacheng is a village located in the north of China. The town is famous for being close in proximity to a section of the Great Wall that was built during the Ming Dynasty. The town is split into parts by lakes with some parts even being immersed in water, making it unique from other sections of the Wall. It's also named after the sea of yellow flowers that bloom in the summer, “huang hua” in Chinese.

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Trip to the Longqing Gorge

The last activity in June will lead us to the Longqingxia Gorge (Dragon Rejoice Gorge), which was named after the birthplace of Emperor Renzong of the Yuan Dynasty. The Gorge is located about 85 kilometers north of Beijing and is part of a large reservoir around the Gucheng River.

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Hiking Jingxi Gudao or Jingxi Ancient Road

We will be hiking along the Jingxi Gudao next Saturday. We start at 8.00 am at the Hutong School courtyard. For lunch, we will be stopping to have a picnic outdoors and will be back at School around 19.30 pm.

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