Guest Blog: 6 Scholarships For Studying In China

The desire for international relations and exposure while studying is a trending topic that is being discussed among students, non-students and even aspiring students in places around the world. The reason for this can be attributed to the numerous benefits associated with the opportunity of international relations during a course of study. Some of these [...]

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Danish Marketing & Business Development Internship Position

We are looking for a hard-working, enthusiastic individual with an interest in China to join our marketing team in Shanghai. You’ll join a small, international team of passionate people and have the chance to make a real impact on our business from day one. Tasks will include: • Marketing research based on personal interest and [...]

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Traveling to Hemu, Northern Xinjiang

Hemu (禾木) is a village in the mountains of Altai, the area in the north of Xinjiang set between Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. The valley where the village rises is crossed by the river Hemu, which is not far from where it mixes waters with the river Kanas. The inhabitants of Hemu are of Kazakh [...]

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Top 6 Bike Lane Personalities

They bring the whole spectrum of 酸甜苦辣(Suāntiánkǔlà; joys and sorrows) to your day in the space of your 15 minute commute. 一)The 奶奶  Her bike can be traced back to the 1960s. Riding with a surrounding metallic resonance, she manages to cycle slower than the local commuter walking on their ‘rush’ to work. [...]

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Benefits of Studying in China for Western Students

The chance to study abroad is a huge opportunity for a student. If a western student is given the chance to study in and experience Shanghai, for example, they know right away that they should take it if they can. So, what exactly is the draw to study abroad in China? How can a [...]

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10 Biggest Misconceptions About The Chinese Language

More than 1.3 billion people speak Mandarin Chinese, making it the most spoken language in the world. However, the fact remains that non-native speakers represent only a small percentage of this huge group. Why is that so? Well, it seems like most people consider Chinese to be extremely difficult to learn. While this widespread opinion [...]

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Sydney Hutong School – Grand Opening Ceremony

On September 23rd Hutong School Sydney had its grand opening. It was a festive occasion with cake, champagne and ribbon cutting! Special guest Josephine Hao was there as one of Hutong School Beijing’s Alumna, she talked about her great experience in Beijing and she has highly recommended the Intensive Chinese Program. She would recommend anyone [...]

The 8 Essentials For Your Trip To China

It’s hard to imagine daily life in a far-away country like China, especially if you have never been to Asia before. This might cause some difficulty when packing your suitcase. But not to worry, this blogpost will tell you the 8 essentials you’ll need for your trip abroad. 1. Backpack Let’s start [...]

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Hutong School Hangzhou’s Adventure into the World of Tech

Last Friday, Hutong School team members, Luca, Gosse and Jack visited Alibaba and Zijin Town as part of the first Hangzhou International Student Training Camp. Together with the group of students, we started our day at Alibaba where they first showed us around Alibaba’s cool Binjiang Campus. Here, Alibaba employees have access to a gym, [...]

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We’re Hiring A Mandarin Teacher For Sydney

胡同学校招聘 We’re Hiring! Are you a Mandarin Chinese teacher living in Sydney? Please feel free to send us your CV and your working preferences (full time/part time) by e-mail to by September 30th. 学校简介: 胡同学校成立于2005年,前身是由法国人、比利时人、德国人共同投资组建的。成立至今欢迎超过了3000位外国学生。胡同学校是第一个被中国教育部认可,由欧洲团队管理的汉语学校。胡同学校采用创新的教学方法,得到高质量的教学效果。胡同学校是很多外国名校、大使馆、商会的选择 胡同悉尼教师团队欢迎有教学经验,和专业背景的汉语老师,如果您想在外汉行业长期发展,您想加入一个专业,激情,温暖,创新的团队,那我们是您最好的选择,期待您的加入! 更多的招聘细节,请查看以下招聘细则 任职资格: 1、年龄18--40,男女不限。 2、热爱对外汉语教学,为人诚恳,有耐心,有责任心,有亲和力。 3、普通话标准,并具有良好的表达能力。 4、有良好的协调能力、沟通能力和课堂掌控能力。 本学校将为优秀的老师提供一个良好的发展平台,有意者请将简历(包括期望薪金教学经历家庭住址等,请在主题中注明应聘职位并将简历贴在邮件中,勿以附件形式发送),合者约见。 职能类别: 兼职/全职 教师 To learn more about Hutong School Sydney, check out our [...]

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