Winter in China – Festivals

During winter there are lots of festivals in China, some all over the country (like New Year) and some in different cities.

Winter time is festival time

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    Golden Week – Shenme? What is that?

    Yaaay, holidays! Actually, that could be all that matters: all of us currently staying in China will have an extra week of holidays around October 1. But why? For all those who want to know about the background of their free time, we got some information here!


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      Where do Dragons and Boats meet? At China’s oldest Festival!

      The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 - Duānwǔ jié) is one of the oldest holidays in China. It is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Duanwu Festival’s highlight is marked by boats designed to look like dragons which race on the provinces’ important rivers. But as always in China, there is more to this festival than just dragons and boat races, it is an authentic celebration with a lot of tradition and customs!

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        Qingming Festival! Or was it Pure Brightness Festival? Tomb Sweeping Day?

        Qingming Festival (清明节 - Qīngmíng jié), also called Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, is a national festival that goes back more than 2500 years! It is a day centered around sadness and happiness at the same time. On the one hand, it is the most important day of honoring the deceased. On this day, people sweep their ancestor’s graves and only eat cold food. Qingming Festival on the other hand, also indicates the return of spring. It marks the period to start plowing and sowing, since temperatures will start to raise and rainfalls will increase.

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          How to celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival?

          The last day of firecrackers, fireworks and numerous meals with family and friends has arrived to celebrate the beginning of a new year! Today, February 6th, is the day of the Chinese Lantern Festival, which culminates the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The main attraction of the festival are (very obvious) the lanterns. But that is not all! Hereunder you will find out all about how Chinese people celebrate the Lantern Festival.

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            Lantern Festival, St. Valentine’s Day and Oranges!

            The Lantern Festival (Yuán Xiāo Jié - 元宵节) occurs on the 15th day of the first month in the lunisolar calendar and marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Like all the Chinese holidays, the Lantern Festival is wrapped in myths and legends!

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              How to celebrate Chinese New Year?

              As an old Chinese proverb states: “All creations are reborn on new year’s day. It’s a celebration of change.” (万象更新- Wànxiàng gēngxīn)

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              Happy New Year! Happy Year of the Dragon! Happy 2012! Happy 4710! …. Uh, what??

              In China, you actually get to celebrate New Year twice! Since 1912 China has adopted the Western (Gregorian) calendar, which means that in China people celebrate Chinese traditional New Year as well as New Year’s Day on the first of January.

              So, clean out the old mess and embrace the spirit of the new year … twice!

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                National Day of the People’s Republic of China

                Welcoming October with a one-week vacation!

                If you don't realize that something big is around the corner then you must be hiding in a cave!

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                Mid-Autumn Festival

                Moon cakes and a 3-day weekend. What's better than that?

                This festival is also referred to as the Moon Festival. In Chinese, Zhōngqiūjié (中秋节).
                What is it exactly? Only the 2nd most important holiday for Chinese people after the Spring Festival or the New Year!

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