Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

Honouring An Ancient Tradition With Mooncakes Among Friends And Family Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival - 中秋节 With the long hot summers slowly coming to an end, autumn begins to show its face, bringing cooling winds and rainy days to prepare us all for the upcoming winter. In the Western world autumn is [...]

Hutong School Throws 12th Anniversary Birthday Bash

We're Ready To Kick Off Our 13th Year On July 29th, 2017 Hutong School hosted a Block Party in honor of our 12th Anniversary. It was a day filled with entertainment, cultural activities, food, and drinks, and raffle prizes. We were honored that the Shanghai community came out to join us and raised a [...]

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2 Cultures Meet For A Wedding

Avoiding the Divorce of Cultures During an Intercultural Marriage With the union of man from a western culture and a woman from a Chinese culture, the question is, how do both of the traditions fit? Does the couple lean more towards one culture or do they find a good balance of both traditions? Here is [...]

Gap Year in China – My own experience

Are you bored of your comfort zone, want to stop your current routine for something totally new and different? Then a gap year in China is the perfect match for you! I am currently doing a gap year in Shanghai and it is, for now, the best experience I ever had in my life.   [...]

Fire Rooster – the Zodiac Sign for 2017

What is Spring Festival? Time to put on your red socks! Bunches of red socks are being wrapped as New Year gifts and Chinese migrant workers are already queuing up to buy train tickets to return back home for one short week at the end of January. During this week all manufacturing and business stops in the [...]

Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwujie

The Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwujie is upon us! This traditional holiday that commemorates the famous Chinese Scholar Qu Yuan, known as China's first poet, takes places on the fifth day of the fifth month of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. This date is also the source of the alternative name used to refer to [...]

Top 5 Places to Visit in Mainland China

Studying Chinese in Shanghai or Beijing for a couple of months offers the perfect opportunity to do some traveling to the top places to visit in Mainland China. Whether you’re taking Intensive Chinese Classes or doing an internship in one of these two cities, the travel possibilities for a fun weekend are endless!   Mount [...]

清明节 – Qing Ming Jie or Tomb Sweeping Holiday

Qing Ming Jie (also called Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-Sweeping Day), a traditional Chinese festival that remembers past ancestors, is upon us! On the 4th of April, everything will revolve around cleaning and sweeping the graves of passed loved ones and remembering ancestors, but it's also a time for celebrating new life. Lao Guo has written an [...]

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Happy Chinese New Year – Words of Wisdom for the Year of the Fire Monkey

The year of the fire monkey kicked off with neither bang nor spark. No fireworks were set off in Shanghai for the year of the monkey due to the strict instructions of the government. Pollution levels being what they are, throwing more soot and smoke into the sky is not considered a good idea. On New [...]

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立春 – Lìchūn, The Beginning of Spring in China

Spring in China has now officially sprung. To mark the occasion Hutong fixture and Beijing local Lao Guo has written an article about what to eat and how to stay healthy during this time of year. See below for the original article in Chinese, and an English summary. ​ 立春 今年立春是在2018年3月20日星期二。 立春不仅是农历二十四节气中的第一个节气,立春是从天文上来划分的,而在自然界、在人们的心目中,春意味着风和日暖,鸟语花香;春也意味着万物生长。  立春期间,气温、日照、降雨,开始趋于上升、增多。但这一切对全国大多数地方来说仅仅是春天的前奏。 立春后气温回升,但在强冷空气影响的间隙期,偏南风频数增加,并伴有明显的气温回升过程。 立春是一个时间点,也可以是一个时间段。说的是东风送暖,大地开始解冻。 立春的传统饮食: [...]

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