How to order, buy and prepare Chinese food


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What do you know about drinking in China?

When you order a drink in China, asking for whiskey may not get you whiskey.

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Weird Cooking in China: Food for Thought

An ancient Cantonese saying goes, 'Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies is edible'. Even if we could, in theory, agree with this mantra, all too often we're told tales of Chinese eating habits that strike us as downright freaky, at least by our Western standards. Silkworms, duck feet, fish eyes, soft-shell turtles, scorpions: all dishes that we, as foreigners, may have stumbled upon in China.

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A Taste of China – Chinese vegetarian food


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Chinese cooking class

For those who would like to show off their cooking skills back home by making Kung Pao Chicken and Cucumber shots, we invited someone who will not only show us how to make them, but also help us to prepare these yummy dishes. Even if you have tasted these dishes before, people from different regions of China cook the same dish and they will not taste the same.

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Huaiyang Cuisine – Jiangsu Province

Under the motto "Taste of china" we visit different restaurants each month to give students an opportunity to try out new kinds of food.

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An Overview of China’s Tea Tradition

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Lao She Teahouse

Laoshe Teahouse is located in the busy shopping area to the west of the Qianmen Gate Arrow Tower on the southern edge of Tian'anmen Square. The teahouse is named after famous Chinese novelist and playwright, Lao She, and his masterpiece drama "Teahouse".

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A Taste of China: Old Beijing Snacks at Jiumen Xiaochi

Each region of China has its own typical dishes that can be very different from any other place in China.

What better way to explore Chinese dishes than by visiting a new restaurant with people who know about different and exciting dishes? Each month we are visiting different restaurants to give students an opportunity to try new foods. This time is Old Beijing Snacks at Jiumen Xiaochi.

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Traditional Foods of Chinese New Year

Hi and welcome back! This is the second post of the Chinese New Year Series. Today we are going to explore the fascinating aspects of traditional foods during this most important holiday for the Chinese people. Enjoy and have fun reading it!

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