Hutong School Moscow – The first classes and cultural activities have started

We’re happy to announce that the first classes and cultural activities have started at our Hutong School branch in Moscow and our new students love it! From learning Mandarin to getting familiar with some typical Chinese traditions such as chūnjié (春节 or Chinese New Year) and the art of dumpling making, our [...]

Chinese Pronunciation – How to Avoid Tripping Over Unfamiliar Sounds

There are many sounds that exist in Chinese which do not have an easy equivalent in English, French, Italian or other common European languages. Wrestling with these sounds can be a big challenge for language learners and, in my experience, leads to many blank stares in small Chinese restaurants as the confused locals struggle [...]

How to Survive Your First Day in China: A Full Guide, from the Airport to Your Hotel Room!

It happened. You’ve arrived.


The Amazing Double Meaning of Chinese Numbers

In 2003 Chengdu based Sichuan Airlines made a CN¥2.33 million investment. Their purchase: the phone number 8888 8888.

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10 Wise Chéngyǔ to Make You Sound Like Confucius

Chéngyǔ, 成语, literally ‘set phrases,

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10 Free Resources to Help You Get Your Head Around Chinese Grammar

Chinese grammar is actually one of the easiest aspects

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“You Can’t Do That in China!” Essential Chinese Etiquette Guide for Students & Tourists in China

"You can’t do that in China!” etiquette guides for foreigners in China often verge on the hysterical when declaring what you cannot do in China. In reality you’re not going to get deported or run out of town by an angry mob for making a minor cultural faux pas. As a foreigner in China you’ll already be regarded as an alien, so strange behavior from you is positively expected.

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Chinese phrases that reveal aspects of Chinese culture

Here are some everyday Mandarin phrases that reveal parts of the still distinctive culture despite western influences.

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Six Chinese Slang Words You Need to Know

Chinese vocabulary

Chinese modern day slang mostly comes from the internet. They call it 网络词 (wǎngluò cí) or "internet words".

Best time and place to use these words: Informal situations.

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How to start learning Chinese?

How to start learning Chinese

Have fun
Spend more time on the toilet
Plan a vacation
Have more fun

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