5 Top Tips on for Taking Online Classes

5 top tips: Your Guide to Help You Effectively Study Chinese Whilst Taking Online Lessons Are you currently a student studying Chinese online and not sure how to go about it? Well, you've come to the right place! Studying Chinese Online can be difficult especially since as you are not in a class environment.  Here [...]

Learning Chinese Online

If you ever go to China,  bare in mind that most people only speak Mandarin. If you don’t know the language it’s therefore a good idea to get a translation app on your phone and learn some key sentences and words in Chinese before you arrive. I can understand how this can be quite inconvenient [...]

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Why your business needs to speak Mandarin

Many businesses contain operational staff that have the ability to converse in other languages. Having multi-lingual staff can have a huge benefit on companies’ public image, customer relations, and, of course, revenue. This approach to communication has become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses try to maximize their potential. Many companies, including The Guardian [...]

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Reasons to move your business to China

For many years now, China has been seen as the place for businesses to operate their manufacturing of products. China is a vital trading partner for many countries and has been providing valuable labour to a large percentage of the global market. Being the most populous country in the world, it is no surprise that [...]

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Life in China

Hello all, and thank you for having a brief look at my article. I am a very new student at Hutong and at total beginner level of Chinese. I hope you all enjoy reading some of my content for the foreseeable future. As I come close to my Shanghai-versary, it felt pretty apt to make [...]

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How to Say Numbers in Chinese

Numbers are useful in any language. If you want to know how much something costs, how long something takes or what time it is, you need to know how to say numbers in the language you’re speaking. So here we go. Let’s start easy with the numbers from 1 to 10.     零 líng [...]

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11.11 Day

The Double 11, also known as Singles’ Day, is just a few days away. What is Singles’ Day? Well, it’s only the biggest shopping sale in China. This is a day for everyone to spend on themselves. What is it all about? Singles’ Day was started in 1993 by some students at Nanjing University. The [...]

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The Best Career Choices for Chinese Translators and Interpreters

If you’re looking for a way to turn learning Chinese into a career or side income stream, why not consider going into Chinese translation? Both translation services and interpretation need people who are native English speakers and who can also speak and write in Chinese fluently. People learn Chinese for many different reasons and use [...]

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The Benefits of Reading a Book in Chinese

Learning a new language is always an amazing experience, and speaking in a foreign language is always likely to fascinate people. Moreover, with the help of advanced books and technology, you can learn amazing techniques and effective vocabulary to further improve your language acquisition. Furthermore, sources such as contractor books, language books and other similar [...]

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How to eat out in Chinese

With thousands of restaurants to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to try a range of delicious local Chinese food. Wherever you look in Shanghai, there will inevitably be an eatery around the corner or across the road. How well do you know what to say when you get inside? Can you communicate effectively?Getting startedBefore [...]

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