About Juliette Pitt

Juliette (朱丽) is currently in her final year of an MA in Chinese Studies at SOAS University, London. Through her multiple study exchanges to China, she has built a strong understanding of Chinese culture and endured a passion for learning Chinese.

What Does “Miànzi” Really Mean?

A closer look on what 'Face' (面子) exactly is in China So, we're sure if you've been to China or if you are familiar with Chinese culture you have come across the term "miànzi"(面子). The direct translation of "miànzi" is face. Similar to the Western idea of reputation, 'face' describes one's reputation or dignity in social contexts. [...]

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The future of doing business in China – an interview with Mr. Biao Wang

We've written a lot of articles about doing business in or with China, and we thought that a better way we could gain further insight and understanding was to interview an expert. We spoke to Mr. Biao Wang, a China and UK Business Consultant, about the upcoming trends for Chinese modern business culture and more. [...]

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Having an Interview in China

Your 3 Ultimate Top Tips on How to Succeed in an Interview in China! So, if you've been following our blogs, you'll probably notice that we've been writing or we have written articles about how to do business in China. Some of the topics that we've covered so far are the following: How to Network [...]

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How to Introduce yourself in a Chinese Business Environment

Your Pocket Guide on How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese Learning how to introduce yourself in Chinese is a vital skill. Whether you are just studying Chinese for fun or visiting China for business or even just attending an event, learning how to introduce yourself is a good way to make the best first impression. [...]

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3 Top Tips on How to Haggle Like a Pro in China

How to master haggling in China? I'm sure if you've been to China, you would have experienced haggling. Haggling is part of Chinese culture and like any great skill you might need some practice before you can master the art of it! So here are three top tips to help you haggle in markets or [...]

The New HSK Examination System

We have a huge announcement...the HSK System is GOING TO CHANGE! But don't panic; this pocket guide will hopefully inform you about the new system and on what you should do. What Do We Know So Far? 'Three Stages and Nine Levels' Announced in May 2020 released via the official HSK Twitter Account, the HSK [...]

How to Network in Chinese?

Your Pocket Guide to Networking in China Networking is very important for any student or professional who wants to make the most of their time in China. As the saying goes, good "guan xi" (connections or networking) is essential to doing long-term, profitable business or having a good career in China. As networking events are [...]

Student Experience

First Time Student Experience with Hutong Online Classes Working for Hutong School I was kindly given some free lessons to try out their new system for online classes. Today I'm going to share my experience with you in a hope to inspire future or past students to sign up to Hutong's online classes. With the [...]

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How to Give a Presentation in Chinese?

From the Beginning to the End: How to Give the Perfect Presentation in Chinese Giving a presentation can be nerve-racking in any language, especially if it is in Chinese! But not to worry, you've come to the right place, here are a couple of tips that can help you guide you to deliver the perfect presentation [...]

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Useful Advice from a Student Studying Chinese

3 Ultimate Tips to Help You Tackle Learning Chinese   Are you looking for a new direction to learn Chinese and not sure how to go about it? Well, you've come to the right place! In many ways, learning Chinese at times can be similar to being lost in a forest as there are many [...]