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Social Media in China

Social Media in China Ever wondered what the equivalent of Facebook or Instagram was in China? Or if there was even a social media app other than WeChat that was used? Here’s a short overview of China’s most popular and frequently used apps. WeChat The most popular form of Social Media in [...]

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The system of Chinese radicals and radical ways to learn it

The system of Chinese radicals and radical ways to learn it Ever wondered if there was a strategic way to learn characters? Or if there was any shortcut to figuring out their meaning? You’re in luck, there is! Radicals are the key to becoming a Chinese master. A radical, or key (= 部首, bùshǒu), is [...]

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Not your average summer camp

Not Your Average Summer Camp Picture this: your bags are at the door, you turn around and wave goodbye to your family as you head off to summer camp, except this time you aren’t heading to a cabin in the woods - you’re headed to China. This is not your average summer [...]

Chinese Customs

Chinese Customs What are Chinese customs? What can you expect to get used to when moving to China? What might be rude in your country but completely fine here? Here’s a heads up on what to expect from the largest population in the world. Spitting First on the list, spitting. Maybe you [...]

Dating in China 101

Dating in China 101 Ever wanted to know more about dating in China? What are Chinese men, women and, most importantly, parents looking for? Are marriage markets real? And what with all the singles? The dating world is unlike that of one that you’ve ever seen before so prepare yourself and use your Chinese skills! [...]