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Italy-China Internship Program

An intensive and practical course that prepares you to compete in an ever expanding job market.

The course will start on January 17th and it is aimed at young students and recent graduates interested in China as a country, market and destination for a future career.

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Top 10 China Winter Survival Phrases

Winter is quickly sneaking up on us and before we know it we’ll be facing cold winds and snowy mornings. But don’t worry! Hutong School is here to set you up with some winter survival phrases to get you through the cold months ahead:


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We’re represented at the Language Show in the UK!

We will be participating in the Language Show Live in London- from October 16th  till  October 18th, 2015!

You want to learn one of the most spoken languages of the world? You want to explore a whole new country and their culture? Looking for an internship in China? Then join Hutong School!

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Hutong School goes Sydney!

Sept 2014 - Hutong School keeps expanding its global presence.

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Hutong School goes London!

Sept 2014 - Hutong School keeps expanding its presence in Europe: in addition to Brussels, Paris and Milan, we are proud to announce the opening of a branch in the heart of London.

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Competition: Wear it to win it.


This competition is now over.

The winner of our Wear it to Win it competition is...

Alejandro Ludwig Steck

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New Beginner Classes Starting Soon

New Beginner Classes Starting Soon

AUG 2014 – The summer break is coming to an end and it’s time to go back to school. After the break, Hutong School is starting Chinese group classes again! Brush up your Mandarin and go back to work with a solid foundation of the Chinese language. We offer classes for different levels of Chinese, from absolute beginner to intermediate. Come join us!

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Partnership with Body & Soul Yoga

Partnership with Body & Soul Yoga

Hutong School Shanghai is proud to announce its partnership with Body & Soul Yoga.

August 2014 - Body & Soul Yoga is a leading yoga and taichi provider in Shanghai. With three locations all over Shanghai, Body & Soul Yoga is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Body and Soul Yoga offers lessons with professional instructors as well as space for those with yoga experience.

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Free HSK Lecture in Beijing

Free HSK Lecture in Beijing

August 2014 - Han Yu Shui Ping Kao Shi, known as the “HSK exam”, is becoming more and more popular all over the world. The HSK is a national standardised test of Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers. It is not only because of its recognised accreditation, but it also helps you to understand Chinese culture.  

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Hutong School in Italy

Hutong School in Italy!

June 2014 – Hutong School’s presence in Italy has been growing steadily this year.  With co-operations made by our in-country representative, Laura Corazzi, this has helped to facilitate Hutong School’s expansion in Europe.

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