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How to Get Around in China

China is a vast country, full of interesting historical heritage, wonderful landscapes and intriguing people. Once you’ve set foot in the country, most of you wouldn’t want to stick to the few streets surrounding your hotel or guesthouse. So let’s start moving around.


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Advice for the hot summer in China by Lao Guo

How to survive the hot summer in China


Summer is the best season for Yang energy and human metabolism. Sweating too much makes it easy to lose body fluid, so delicate food is given priority to the health in summer. In this case, you can avoid losing too much energy.



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Hutong School 10 Years Anniversary Party

To celebrate Hutong School's 10th anniversary, we are inviting everyone to raise their glass with us in our branches, in Beijing and Shanghai!

Beijing: entertainment + free flow of drinks

Hutong School 10 years anniversary party in Beijing

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How To Survive Your First Days In China

I'm an alien,
I'm a legal alien;
I'm a wàiguórén 外国人 (foreigner) in China.

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Six Chinese Slang Words You Need to Know

Chinese vocabulary

Chinese modern day slang mostly comes from the internet. They call it 网络词 (wǎngluò cí) or "internet words".

Best time and place to use these words: Informal situations.

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How to start learning Chinese?

How to start learning Chinese

Have fun
Spend more time on the toilet
Plan a vacation
Have more fun

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Hutong School Shanghai is a registered HSK center

Since 2015, Hutong School’s Shanghai Branch is a registered HSK center. This means you can easily attend your classes and take the exam in the same location!

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London related vocabulary

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How An Internship Can Affect Your Career

Nowadays it is all about having the perfect CV, fitting as much as possible into the company, bringing the best qualifications, and in short: being the best (prospect) employee.

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From West to East- Christmas Meets China!




This competition is now over.

The winner of our Christmas Meets China competition is:

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