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Introducing: The Chairman’s Bao

Hutong School introduces our latest partnership: The Chairman's Bao. Have you ever wondered if there is an app for learning Chinese? Did you ever want to read up-to-date news in Chinese, but your level was just not good enough for the Chinese newspapers? 10 years ago, two British students realized how efficient it is to read articles [...]

An Englishman in Shanghai

In the following article, you will find a short interview with Joe, our newest member of the Shanghai office. He started working as a Program Consultant and will tell a bit more about himself: Why did you decide to move to Shanghai, China? Joseph Williams   -  Program Consultant My journey so far in [...]

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Dōngzhì 冬至 – Traditional Food for the Winter Solstice in China

Today, December 22nd, marks the Winter Solstice in China.

To celebrate the date Beijing local and long time Hutong School staff member Lao Guo has written an article in Chinese about the traditional food associated with this festival.

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Meet our scholarship winners



Meet our Scholarship winners!


Last July the Hutong School selected 4 prospective students to receive a full scholarship for a 3-month internship program in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu. Now the winners have been selected and the dust has settled, it is time to put them in the spotlight!


Meet Rebecca!

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4 tips to stay healthy during Autumn


Lao Guo


There is an old saying:

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Volunteer at International Culture Event in Xi’an

From Sep 26th to Oct 7th 2015, Xi'an City will host an International Culture Event. 
In order to provide a better service to foreign visitors and create a better understanding of foreign culture for the local people, the exhibition company would like to recruit 4 volunteers (2 male and 2 female). Contact us if you like to join.

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We are hiring an Education Coordinator

Hiring image







We are looking for an education coordinator to join our team in Shanghai.


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Chinese phrases that reveal aspects of Chinese culture

Here are some everyday Mandarin phrases that reveal parts of the still distinctive culture despite western influences.

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Healthy Tips for San Fu Tian (the hottest 30 days of summer)


In ancient China, people called the hottest 30 days in summer “伏(Fu)” and the first 10 days named “Tou(head) Fu”, the second 10 days named “Zhong Fu” and the last 10 days named “Mo(end) Fu”. The original meaning of the character “伏(Fu)” refers to lie on the stomach and keep still, which is also the guideline for people to spend the hottest summer days.

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How to order, buy and prepare Chinese food


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