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    Guestblog: Chinese with Mike

    How Do I Make Learning Mandarin Chinese Easy and Fun? This week the Hutong School blog was visited by a guest blogger: Mike from Chinese with Mike Nǐ hǎo! My name is Mike Lǎoshī, and I am the creator of Chinese with Mike, a video/textbook series to learn Mandarin Chinese. If you follow [...]

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      Hutong School Presents Our China Scholarship Program

      NESO - HUTONG SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS On October 18th 2016, Hutong School and NESO (Netherlands Education Support Office) China announced some big news. We offered our first China Scholarship Program for students! The scholarship is valued at € 4.000,- (or almost 30.000 CNY). This includes an internship placement of 3 months, with accommodation and 4 hours [...]

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        A Cultural Excellence Award For Hutong School

        We Have Won An Award! We are super proud to learn that we have won an iStudy Global Cultural Excellence Award! Here at Hutong School we believe that learning Mandarin is about more than understanding the language. It's about understanding the Chinese culture!  Getting to know the Chinese cuisine, experiencing a night out with KTV, playing Mahjong, [...]

          Gap Year in China – My own experience

          Are you bored of your comfort zone, want to stop your current routine for something totally new and different? Then a gap year in China is the perfect match for you! I am currently doing a gap year in Shanghai and it is, for now, the best experience I ever had in my life.   [...]

            We are hiring a Community Manager

            Community Manager We are looking for a Community Manager to join our marketing team in Shanghai. Our team is young, international and passionate about youth traveling to China. You will have responsibility for your own project areas, while also sharing some projects with other team members. Your mission will be to create a strong brand [...]

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              A Gap Year – Choose your own path

              Have you ever considered taking a year just for yourself? A year in which you will get the chance to explore who you are, what you want to do and who you want to become? A year that can be filled with new adventures, exploring unknown territories and most important of all a year where [...]

                Meet the city of Hangzhou (杭州)

                Let me introduce to you the city of Hangzhou, a city where Old China meets New China. A place where you can go for a cultural stroll or indulge yourself in all the new technological know-how and innovations. A place where you can set out the path for your future career or the place where you can take a break from it. [...]

                  Chinese Tech Giants

                  Tech giants in China  The tech industry in China develops by leaps and bounds, and has produced a number of companies which are gigantic in their scope, revenue and number of and users. China’s huge population, strengthening middle class and government restrictions on foreign companies have significantly eased the way for Chinese tech companies into [...]

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                    Top 5 Chinese inventions

                    Top 5 Chinese inventions you never knew came from China     It is general knowledge that China is credited with inventing gunpowder, noodles, paper, printing, silk and compass. However, there are many other things people widely use today but never guess these things are, actually, Chinese inventions. Here are the top 5 Chinese inventions [...]

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                      Fire Rooster – the Zodiac Sign for 2017

                      What is Spring Festival? Time to put on your red socks! Bunches of red socks are being wrapped as New Year gifts and Chinese migrant workers are already queuing up to buy train tickets to return back home for one short week at the end of January. During this week all manufacturing and business stops in the [...]