Have you ever considered taking a year just for yourself? A year in which you will get the chance to explore who you are, what you want to do and who you want to become? A year that can be filled with new adventures, exploring unknown territories and most important of all a year where you can grow as a person? A Gap Year abroad might be just what you need.

Why do a Gap Year?

Gap year abroadIn our lives we are faced with plenty of decisions. On a daily basis it can be as simple as whether you want a coffee or a milk tea. On a less regular basis we are also faced with questions that are a lot bigger and will determine the future path of our lives. We can find ourselves wondering whether we are on the right path. A Gap Year might give you just the opportunity that you need to figure out who you are and what you want to do.


“You’ll be an expert at adapting to new places, you’ll have something to talk about, you’ll have shinier resume, you’ll have time to think and you’ll make new friends” – The Huffington Post

What is a Gap Year?

Ever since you were 5 years old, you have been bound to the education system, restricted to the 6 week holidays that you get every summer. But now you have the opportunity to finally take a break from it all and choose your own path, choose your own experience for the next year of your life! A gap year is all about deciding for yourself what you want to do, see and learn. There are endless way to structure your gap year. Some take the time to brush up on professional skills that they can use later on, others travel the world and work more on their personal skills. Then again, others combine the two by taking a gap year abroad and gain both professional and personal skills along the way. A gap year can be anything you want it to be – from relaxing on a bounty beach, to honing your skills in an internship. The most important thing is that you push yourself out of your comfort zone and spend the time well (i.e. not in front of the TV for 12 months).

What could my Gap Year look like?

Dream big. This year can become anything that you want it to be; volunteering, an internship Volunteer in China, travelling or learning a new
language. All of these are just as valuable an education as sitting in a classroom all year. The skills you learn whilst lost on the streets of China will make you stand out from your classmates and future colleagues.
Imagine spending your year discovering a new language and culture, doing things that you never thought you could possibly do. What will your friends and family think if you came home fluent in Chinese? Taking your gap year abroad will open more doors than you can imagine and will give you a lifetime of memories in process.

Is a Gap Year abroad for me?

Due to the never ending possibilities, a gap year is for everyone! If you want to discover more about yourself, develop valuable skills or learn a new culture then you are the perfect candidate. With tailor made programs at Hutong School, we have a program for everyone, whatever your ambitions are. Get in touch with us today to start talking about what your gap year should look like.

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