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Job: Internship program in Italy and ChinaThe course will start on January 17th and it is aimed at young students and recent graduates from Italy interested in China as a country, market and destination for a future career. The initiative, organized by Hutong School in cooperation with Sportello Stage provides a classroom phase in Milan and an internship in China. You can choose to participate in both phases or either one of them! 


The course will be divided into 6 classes, held every Saturday, for 8 hours a day (48 hours total) and will address four modules:

  • Language and Chinese culture,
  • Economics and economic geography of China,
  • Orientation to the international labor market with focus on China,
  • Doing business in China and project work

Included in these training modules are: testimonials from professionals, entrepreneurs and experts of business in China and Chinese culture. If the participants opt for the second phase in China too, during the first phase they will also be guided in the preparation of the interviews with companies for internships in China and will be supported in the compilation of the application for the visa and the trip to China in general. At the end of the classroom phase is a scheduled presentation of project work and a final pre-departure networking event.

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